Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick pic's

 Sophie and I worked on this Christmas tree over the weekend. I got the idea from Pinterest of course, we used an image for a guide , I drew the tree and Sophie , my 11 year old did all the rest, she is pretty great!

 One more detail was recently found for the front living room. I have been looking for a coffee table for a while now but nothing seemed quite right , or was too pricey to commit to , I am not a buy expensive keep forever kind if girl. So I searched and searched and even thought about building something but then I found these super unique cubes ...I knew as soon as I saw them , they were perfect. Heavy and affordable and versatile. They are so smooth and match my bamboo blinds perfectly, win win.

Sometimes things just take time to find. 
The count down is on for Christmas , everything seems under control here , still no snow , yippy for me !!! life's just easier without snow in my book . It's always a wait and see if we will have a white Christmas , as long as we have a safe Christmas and we are together that is really all that matters to me , for us Christmas is about togetherness and family. 

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