Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo editing with PicMonkey,a little tweeking makes a big difference

 What a difference a little photo editing makes. For too many years I just posted whatever came out of my camera, but then I learned about Picnik....but Picnik went away and I felt sad. It was so user friendly and very fast to use. I was very happy again when it returned as PicMonkey.
So what did I do to the photo above ? Well I cropped it , I worked on the exposure , color , sharpened it and then added an effect . My favourite effect is Dusk, love it.

 What an amazing difference , right! I was NOT asked to promote PicMonkey I just love it . Hopefully no more sideways photos will be added to Facebook, there is no reason to have shabby pictures.
You can play with endless possibilities , skies the limit. You want to make a collage or a header add text or a new Facebook cover photo, well what are you waiting for?

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