Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 2012 a very busy month indeed

We definitely have a busy month ahead , we kicked it off with my birthday on the 8th and more importantly the 8th is also the 20th anniversary of the day my husband and I met , we have been together since. If your wondering I was 11, alright I was 19 years old. Just a baby...but of course I didn't know it .
I was very kindly given a beautiful birthday cake , sorry for the terrible photo iPhone . It is quite a task getting me a cake , as my husband and daughter have serious nut allergies we can't just go and buy a cake and I'm sick of baking my own cakes (  bday cakes are important to me , they just are ) Todd ordered this cake from The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto , they are one of the truly peanut/nut free cake shops around that I trust and Todd works in Toronto so it worked out well for me, didn't it. It was a 4 layer marble cake with butter creme , and it was so scrumptious and moist and not sickly sweet. 
 I'm still on the hunt for the perfect counters for the kitchen. I saw a sample of Lyra Silestone and it is too dark , not at all what I am looking for. I do like this Misty Carrara by Dupont above, and Torquay by Cambria below. Misty is $90  foot installed and Torquay is around $100 foot installed , not cheap at all.
 I am really back to considering and seriously considering the real thing. I know the pros and cons and I have finally found many who love them , they are work but what good things aren't work???? seriously, kids tons of work , pets , homes all great things that require work. I will go with honed and we will seal it often. Since we will have an island with butcher block top we will make sure to keep high damage items to the island.
I know there is no rush to put up the island pendants but I will admit I have spent an alarming amount of time trying to find just the right pendants. These are Allen Roth from Lowes and are only $118.00, but I am really wanting nickel of chrome or raw brass...

I do however need to put some more time into our fridge but I didn't know the exact dimensions until just recently. Happily we have found the perfect fridge that matches our stove , it has all we are looking for and its pretty too , we love those handles.

I drove by the house as I do everyday and notice they had installed the railings on the porch, we are almost there , 2 1/2 weeks ...which explains this crazy mess below . There is still a lot to do especially outside but that will wait till spring at least a couple more months.
Please forgive the quality of this post , I am trying out my new laptop and its not looking so good right now , and I don't know why. I will work on it .


Susan said...

Happy belated birthday, Chris - that cake looks yummy.

Your house is coming along nicely - I bet marble countertops will be lovely!

classic • casual • home said...

Happy birthday...sounds like a fun month.

Jenny B. said...

Happy bday! Just wanted to say, we've had carrera marble for about 6 months now, and ours is polished. The sealer you use is VERY important! The installers put a sealer on that was supposed to be good, but really wasn't. We saw some reviews for Dupont Bulletproof and applied that, and it was 100% better. We have polished simply because we fell in love with the shininess at the stone yard, and what happens is that it slowly gets honed over time!! so starting with honed is a good way to go. The marks (rings from coffee cups, etc) seem to mostly be from things that are hot and wet, and of course the etching from acid. But as we say to ourselves now, we are "patina" people.

Limefreckle said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited to see your house once you get settled in! You must be having so much fun (although I moved last year in January... the thought of all the work involved is still fresh in my mind, so I know what you are going through) looking forward to more updates! Will keep my fingers crossed that you won't get any freak storms on moving day!