Friday, January 20, 2012

snow , static and packing boxes

 Well we finally got a good dumping of snow . I have no magical warm feelings of snow like some people. I do not enjoy being cold  or bundling up and static hair is just a nightmare. But it does look pretty in the backyard and the bunkie looks down right adorable. A perfect unblemished blanket since our dogs no longer use the backyard . I look forward to settling into the new house and getting a fence put up as soon as is possible all this dog walking is a bit insane.
 I have given in to the packing , there is no way to hide it . I figure there is no time like the present to get everything organized and if possible packed . It will be like Christmas when I open some of these boxes.
 The more cupboards that look like this the more peaceful I feel and the shorter the to do list is ahead of me.
 There is no time like moving to get rid of junk and to organize your life. I finally have a place for all my little bits and pieces , how did I survive without this ? Its kinda funny before we listed I thought I cleaned and de-cluttered , and then when I started packing boxes I realized I only had just scratched the surface. How do people live without basements? you must have to be really disciplined.
 I have been scouting for lighting , I have quite a few actually that I can not wait to see installed but there are plenty still to find. For me lighting is so important , it can really make a room , I don't want run of the mill. I love love love lanterns but most nice lanterns are in the $200-$500 range , that is not what I want to spent.I happened upon these lanterns at Homesense the other day. The spring pieces are coming in you know!! any how they were light grey and pretty as they were but I thought they would just wash out and get lost. They were not electrified , but I thought that would be easy enough , and they were. I then decided to darken them up , but I didn't want to use spray paint, sometimes the finish looks very spray painted , not what I was looking for . I decided to try artists oils paint , it was perfect , only problem is it takes a long time to dry , like 12 days of more. I have the time. It was so nice to do a project and something creative.
 I have been ordering fabric for the girls rooms , I love this lilac chain pattern its so pretty. From Tonic Living.
I was over the moon when I came across this light today at Lowe's , it is so nice and substantial and only $26.00 , amazing , it will be installed in the coat closet in the foyer and one in the  master closet .

So we're getting there 40 more days and we all know that time will fly by . The new house sits sadly empty almost complete , we can not wait to get in there and make it our home.
I realized the other day that I will likely have to set up a temporary kitchen in our laundry room while I install our floors in the kitchen , oh my !!! this will be quite an adventure.

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Pine Tree Home said...

Oooh that lilac fabric looks so fun.

mamma-mich said...

love the light from lowes. we just got a lowes on the mainland (we are on vancouver island, bc). do you know the name of the light???

Susan said...

Only once have I ever lived in a house with a basement; it was a rental property, and whenever it rained heavily, the basement flooded, so I can live without a basement.

In our house, we have a rather large attic, which is above our double garage. We store our Christmas tree and ornaments up there; that's about it. I figure if something is just going to sit in the attic (or basement) unused, then I probably don't really need it, so what's the point of keeping it?

I love the look of your bunkie in the back yard. Are you going to build one at your new place?

Just Beachy said...

Oh Susan a rain filled basement yuck , we've never had that they are poured cement and generally good around here . We don't have attics in modern houses only in century homes around here. And attic and a basement would be great .

Just Beachy said...

Mamma , the light is by cooper lighting and is called incandescent flood light

Muddaritaville said...

I love the light from Lowes!
I am one of those crazy people without a basement or a garage ... it's crazy!
Don't you love Tonic, I ordered some fabric from them, it was reasonable and it arrived really fast.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh love those lanterns!! We move all the time at Christmas, with 4 children, normally 4500km away interstate, hopefully the next move will be our last, into our own home, ahhhh. Love Posie

Jane said...

I wish you well. I am confused, you got your house in a great state and built your little backyard house, why in the world would you move? Especially when you will be in the same neighborhood?

Limefreckle said...

We moved into our home last year in January...your post is bringing back memories of the move (in a snowstorm no less!) It's so much work, but call me crazy, I thought so much fun as well....thanks for sharing your progress with us!

Just Beachy said...

Jane , we did just get our house just so and it's been a great journey and built a beautiful bunkie but when a house comes up that has all the ticks on your house wish list and when it's in the same area so kids don't have to change schools it's an easy decision to make . We love the area but could use some more space for our growing family , room for teenagers to co-exist and an office for my hardworking husband as well as a larger garage for me to have space to work more .
What would I do with myself in a completed house , i'd be bored out of my mind .
I have noticed many people in this neighborhood actually move up and stay right in the same area we love it here
Chris .

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your lanterns are seriously amazing!!! I'm looking forward to seeing them up. Love the fabric too! Best wishes on all the packing and the move!

arrielle_p said...

Love the light from lowes too! I think that is fit to my newly build home. :)

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