Monday, January 23, 2012

Making a lantern , what it may take?

 The oil paint has dried on my new lanterns I'm making, I am excited to get them all ready and assembled . I decided to attach one link of iron chain right to the handle so that the weight of the lantern will be carried by this handle. But how do you properly attach metal to metal ? Welding right? well I am not welding , I considered soldering but I was told it will not hold well, so I went with glue.
 It worked so far , only 5 minutes of holding it in place. Like my little bag trick to hold the handle up right? my arm was getting tired.

 I am using this easy to install swag kit , I am using a more rustic chain that I had laying around the one that came with the kit is too new and shiny,
 plus a canopy kit ...
 here is the glue , a two part epoxy. I've never used this before , its very neat stuff, really solid when set. I was on the hunt for a great lantern and happened to make my own perfect lanterns are you wondering how much this is going to cost me ? well the large one is coming in at $65.00 and the smaller one at $55.00 , I can not beat that and they are really truly one of a kind.
Ok breaking news...I spied this tool in the electrical lighting kit area at Home Depot today. I thought " what is this?" OMG its a chain opener/closer tool , are you serious !!!! I've been struggling with chains for 20 years and there was this amazing tool. It is so easy to use , no swearing needed and no damage to the chain at all . I can't believe I didn't know this even existed , did you?

I have to share with you this super exciting deal I found at Lowe's the other day. It took me a day to decide where and how to use these mosaic's and to go back and pick up 5 sheets. On the fireplace surround , I am going to use the vertically all the way around and 12x12 tiles on the hearth , this is a great place to splurge on tile . But what is better than finding an extra special tile for a steal $5.49 a sheet , normally around $15.00 of more a sheet for marble, LOVE!!!

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