Friday, January 13, 2012

1300 posts and Friday the 13th

 I noticed just yesterday that I have 1300 posts , wow , that's a whole lot of posts isn't it? I started this blog to create an outlet for my own personal design projects, I really didn't know how I would come up with topics and material at all and I truly didn't know if anyone at all would read this blog.
Happily I have made friends and opened my life up to so many new wonderful ideas and most importantly wonderful people along the way.

 I have received support through my many projects , advice and encouragement through some personal situations.
Sometimes sadly I have experienced mean and hurtful comments and jabs but they pale in comparison to all the kindness that I feel from the majority of the comments and emails I receive. Most people are kind , but of course there is some ugliness out there, some people just can't help themselves. Here is where every post has been created.
 Its funny to see how far this blog has come and how far the house has come, it is so much better than when I first started, well the house anyway.
 I love this house even though we are moving on. Its not a palace or a million dollar home but it is our home full of warmth and loads of charm which we added one project at a time . In 46 short days it will belong to a new family who will make it their own. I'm sure they have plans .
 I will miss all the one of kind details we leave behind. The finally established gardens. I hope spring brings the new owners lots of beautiful surprises outside. We added so many new plants to the gardens this past year including a front yard tree and loads of boxwoods and hydrangeas and so much more, we weren't planning on moving at all remember.We made sure to not let our doggies outside since we sold to leave the new owners with a clean yard , those of you with doggies who use the yard for their business will know what I mean. We have been walking the dogs lots and lots and we have been thankful for a mild winter so far.
This kitchen has come a long way. It was actually pickled oak when we moved in , by choice, and I painted them this mocha color two days after we moved in. I found it too gloomy , I love a white kitchen. We have spent so much time here. It is a great kitchen , just the right size . I always dreamed of adding soapstone counters but never got around to that . I wonder how the new owners will change it if at all. I think it would be so nice with a farmhouse style sink , but it is not mine to change anymore, boo . ( Mason was 4 years old there now she is 13 , where does the time go?)
I have been going through such DIY with drawl, I haven't been to Home Depot in so long....I wonder what they think happened to me , I should go for a little visit.

So thank you for coming to share your time with me. Don't know what the future holds but I thank you in advance for all of your kindness and support.

Have a happy day this Friday the 13th , it's a lucky day in this house.

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