Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soccer balls

I am still making cupcakes and cakes most weekends , these were for my lovely cousin , she has three little boys , they are all so cute and friendly , these were for an awesome soccer party in the park on a cool fall day , Samuel chose chocolate yummy , I made all these soccer balls out of dark and white chocolate , they sit a top of a pile of fluffy butter cream and are encircled with grassy green , adorable.
I am busily working on my daughters bedroom makeover too , it is becoming a lovely room , I have a great deal of painting to do , yesterday I re-designed her large memo board and I found the best seating for her desk at the grocery store , that's right , it has storage how perfect is that seating and storage combined with style I plan on completing our little front walkway and ripping out my daughters window trim it has got to go.
Yesterday I made new bedroom drapes , winter drapes for my bedroom , I used a pair of old velvet drapes that had seen better days thanks to my two dogs and I dared to wash them in my machine , they are dry clean only , they shrunk about a foot , but I needed to add a panel of fabric to the bottom anyway to cover the fading and damage from my pooches , they turned out just as I had hoped , warm and cozy now , just in time for cooler weather , I used the vintage looking bold floral I used on a small chair and on my lamp slipcovers , I will have to get on taking photos and showing you all the new things around , I have a full list of improvement to complete before the holiday house tour .
Painting the last remaining interior doors black
Re-painting the front door , done!
Paint Mason's bedroom
Upgrade Mason's trim
Paint Mason's curtain rod
Make Mason new drapes
Cover the girls bathroom wall with v-groove
Finish trim work in powder room
Add cap piece to all main floor wainscoting
Update tv cabinet and painting it black
that's all I can think of right now ......
Back later with photos , I'm sure...


designlove-cynthia said...

they are very Cool!!! How fun! I really don't know how you keep up! lol


Genevieve said...

Love! You're a creative genius Chris. Love the site.
We're currently living in temp military housing and I can't wait to get somewhere permanent after the holidays and start my own projects!!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

You are soooo ambitious. I can't believe what you get done in a day.

cute cupcakes!

NicNacManiac said...

These are the most spectacular cupcakes...some really lucky soccer players!!
You have been a creative genius lately...your home is looking just fabulous. Love the entrance and your daughters rooms look amazing, the duvet is awesome and the lampshade...WOWZA! Where on earth do you get the energy...I am truly in awe of your talent!!

A-M said...

Oh my boys would have loved these! You inspire me with every post you do! A-M xx

Cheryl said...

Oh, I LOVE those cupcakes!! They are adorable! I wonder if I could make an easier version of them. ;)

Carriage House Antiques said...

Yummy soccer balls :)I'm sitting here starving craving choc
oh P.S House Tour? can we come??