Monday, March 1, 2010

My you've changed!

I picked up this lovely chair from Craigslist a couple of years back , I happened to be looking for just this style chair to makeover , lucky me I found it only after a couple of days looking , and since Kijiji has become my preferred website for classified deals , if you are in the US you too should check out Kijiji it is much nicer , in my opinion, than craiglist , there are great images accompanying the listing unlike craigslist text listings , much less time consuming I find .
Back to my lovely chair , this is how I transformed it the first time , I loved it , but it being used as our kitchen desk chair had caused some irreversible damage , it was in need of attention.

As the sun shines through my windows today it awoke me into gear and inspired me to get this project underway . Isn't it lovely?

I like to use the coffee table as my workspace for chair work ,its easier on the back. I decided to skip repainting the frame , I am working with the wear of the paint , those kids picked picked it away , why fight it , I just softened the edges and tried to balance out the wear.

Corners are always fun , cutting into the corners can be a frightening task.

It doesn't have to be pretty , that's what trim is for .
I prefer my manual stapler since I have gone through two different electric staplers , they tend to jam and break after only a few months in my experience.

Laying down the chair can help ,I keep the pliers handy for miss fires.

Fabric foam and then fabric .
For this style of open back you first staple in one layer of fabric desire fabric out then a layer of foam then another layer of fabric.

This is the first layer of the back , I kept the bright side facing under or in for a softer worn look.
All I need now is to make trim out of the same fabric cut on the bias to cover the staples , I just need to go out and pick up some hot glue sticks first.

I hope you like it too.
Can I just address my excitement that Canada took the gold in such a fantastic game last night , my two girls and I were on the edge of our seats last night , it was such a close and well played game and it was truly exciting , I am so proud today that we have been able to take home so many gold medals , this was long awaited for sure .
I am not a sport watcher typically but Sophie was very excited from opening ceremony to the closing , I am in awe of ALL of the athletes, how far they come and how hard they work to get to this level of sports in adversity and after many injuries and years of family and country dedications it is very inspiring.


Screaming Meme said...

So beautiful...I sure do LOVE your style, Honey! :) I am back in Blogland...So nice to stop in here...It is one of my FAV blogs...:) Meme

My Yellow House said...

I love the new fabric - so bright and cheery. You do, however, make it look so easy to recover. Can't wait to see it with the trim on - I love your style!

VidaModa said...

Love the chair re-do! Thanks for the lesson on how to do the back...I always wondered about that!

Nadine said...

Looks brilliant! Love it!

Deb said...

Your chair looks great! I am so with you on the Olympics, so nice to see us come out ahead for once!

Sanna said...

I love love love your chair! Beautiful fabric and colors. You are so talented!

Congratulations Canada to all gold medals :)

Have a nice day,

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Chris, I love the new fabric. What an ingenious idea to flip the fabric for a more faded look! You make it look so easy but I'm sure having done it before helps a great deal.

We too were more involved in the Winter Olympic excitement than ever. It was fantastic to have the Games here on Canadian soil. We are huge hockey fans in our family and what a game last night! I've always been a proud Canadian, but these games and the most Gold medals in the history of the Games just make it that much more special. Pretty good for just over 34 Million people, eh?

chair up said...

Love these 2 chair makeovers. I prefer reupholstering chairs to sofas, it's so much quicker. I'm doing a sofa at the moment and it's starting to drag. Any chance you could show us how you make the trim?

1 Funky Woman said...

Wow, you sure know how to re-do a chair. I love a gal on a mission! I love how it turned out!

Cottage Dreamers said...

I love the new look! It's beautiful. Thanks for the heads up about Kijiji. I've never heard of that before. ☺ Celeste

Silvia said...

Gorgeous!! Love it :)

The Bergers said...

We just moved in to a new house and we are renovating, bit by bit, piece be piece (so help me). Your blog is such an inspiration! I'm SO glad I found it. I love it! I need a chair (6 to be exact) like this for my dining room table!

Cathy said...

Love the chair! We watched the game and it was very exciting. An elderly couple came up to us while we were watching the game and asked if U.S.A. won.. I had to tell them that Canada had just scored and won and they were thrilled. They were from Canada..made me happy to see them happy, LOL.



Cathy M~ said...

Chris, the chair looks fab. Thanks for the tutorial! Also, I think Canada did an awesome job on the Olympics. I was rooting for a US win in hockey, but I thought it was very fitting that Canada won~very exciting!

Sew Shabby Sweet said...

Beautiful job! I love that fabric. I've used the reverse side of fabrics too and always felt a bit sheepish about it but now I don't feel bad at all!
Glad I found your blog :D