Monday, October 30, 2017

my best DIY round up

I thought I would bump up some of my older DIY posts...I figured why not start with this one that cost very little but that has such a great result...How to build a fridge enclosure...
Click here for that post 

Here is the before...a standard not upgraded shallow cabinet above the fridge space....a $200 or more upgrade is a fridge enclosure...its a beautiful thing...but for $30-40 you can do this yourself...

How I paint cabinets....

For a durable easy to do water based cabinet paint tutorial...follow the links below

How to build a pine counter...I wanted a wood counter but after the dream kitchen reno's I needed to save money so I figured out how to make a solid pine counter for much less than a butcher block here for that how to

My best and most ambitious how to has to be the coffered ceiling

How to make a dutch door from a standard hollow door 

I really am passionate about DIY...I really like to try new things and challenge myself...and add new and origional touches to my homes....I think everyone can DIY from small craft projects to ambitious DIY projects... I think if you have decent tool skills and a good eye and love to work with your hands DIY is something to give a try..and if you don't know to build but you want to give it a try and give yourself permission to learn and to even make mistakes...mistakes are part of the learning process...if its your house give yourself the permission to try something new. 

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a beach house in Montana said...

I love all your DIY projects ! I actually looked up your DIY counter top, and my husband and I are going to try this project for our kitchen island!! I'll share pictures after we finish! Thank you Chris