Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday madness

 Monday's are always rough aren't they...tomorrow is the start of high school for our youngest... grade 10....I'm not sure how I have such grown children already....our oldest is starting college in a few days...I am not let's focus on some cool new pieces.... this new X base table... so simple stylish and built to last and finished in a unique multi stained in love.

 I really focus on strong joinery...I love building furniture....

 This lovely little round coffee table is a custom mix of 4 stains to achieve a co-ordinating yet not matchy finish to the dining table, I somehow have created a cool reclaimed finish I will now use on some pieces for myself...time to get back to improving the house's going to be a busy few months.

you can find more of my furniture here

here's a few pics of our beautiful Mason ....for those following this blog over the years this may make you wonder where the years have gone....she is 18 and off to college....we did a fun photoshoot right before prom...that dress...that her.

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