Monday, August 22, 2016

April to August

I honestly can not believe it is the end of August already, the very hot summer has flown by...I have been busy getting our backyard completed after a big remodel in the fall...I have built cedar steps for the two back doors, built a coffee table for our back deck and a huge rustic dining table and ..... an outdoor kitchen but I will show you the whole backyard in another post. 
This post is just to catch you up on the craziness that has been going on...
To say lots of furniture has been built is an understatement.
I take off Sundays to relax but most days I am building something beautiful..with all I do all day I can not figure out why I am not skinny.... ugh.

Isn't this table incredible...I was very much in love with it, my first turned I don't turn now...I have a talented turner who I now work with to produce custom designed legs for me.

 These adorable display pieces I made for a local new shop in Bowmanville called Bella Fleur Boutique.

 Guess who is doing the Station Gallery Holiday Home Tour in can't believe I am doing it again... its been 6 years since I did the last one...take a look here at our beachy holday house tour from 2010  *edited Sept 7th 2016... I am currently looking for partners but we only have a few weeks to me if you think we would be able to work together.

                      Here are more of the farm house style pieces I have been coming up with.
A tray topped coffee table.

My first round table....

Our barn door that I will sell soon because it warped a bit while I waited to carry it into the house...It would be the perfect DIY project for someone to use it as a king sized headboard....

                   My second round table with salvaged turned pedastal which I just adored honestly.
                                 A 4' wide very heavy round inspired by a RH coffee table.
                  I really need to whip myself up some of these side tables before the Holiday house tour.
My latest creation.....tada....look at those legs...they are perfectly chunky

A counter height harvest table/ cute, I picture it with farmhouse metal stools in black.

I wanted a cooler for drinks and didn't want to spend a fortune so I came up with this simple farmhouse style solution...a wash tub and a simple stand with bottle opener and bucket for bottle caps...

Cutest double bed...the last bed I will build, I am focusing on dining tables and awesome coffee tables.

How gorgeous is this table in this fab might recognize this room is you have been a follower of this blog for a long long time....this is our last house....

So there you have it...a few of my choice pieces I am proud of...
I need a massage and a pedicure stat.
come find me here any day...

I am going to make an effort to share more here more often...bye for now,

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