Monday, March 9, 2015

3 years later...the living room

 The living room is a room that has been on the back burner as far as any significant renovations go. I have painted, hung drapes, installed blinds and added a nice light fixture but I have been avoiding the bigger projects like the floor and ceiling. I know most people leave rooms until they can be done properly but since I have had so many rooms to do I just tried to make this room nice enough so that I would be happy to use it in the mean time.
There was one structural flaw or issue that we resolved with the builder early on...there was no proper door way framed in here where this room leads to the front hall, it was in the drawings but it was somehow missing and we didn't catch it until we lived here for a little bit. Our builder was kind enough to frame it in and drywall the one side to create proper separation from this room to the hall, I went and bought the matching trim and framed it out properly, it needed to be done.
 I love that our house has a nice open flow but that there is also separation between room to be able to change color from room to room and it also allows for me to easily stop design features like wainscoting and ceiling treatments.
The only new purchases for this room were the sectional which we got on clearance, the two cube tables the small side table with the glass top and the floor lamp.
 I recently moved the cabinet that was in this room to our bedroom so that I could mount the TV on the wall and use this antique dresser for storage under it. I like it much better this way.
 I love having a sectional in this room, it works perfectly for this corner and although I like the wood cube tables I find them a bit small so I am looking into getting a white ottoman for this spot. I like the idea of being able to pull the ottoman up to the sofa to create a chaise style of do I go with the Ikea Kivik one with the storage or the one from Bouclair without the storage...I do have a lot of storage in this room already. I think I am leaning towards the Bouclair one as I like the fabric better but I don't know if the cover is removable...a white slip covered ottoman needs to be able to be washed.
I recently moved my DIY art to this spot above the sofa, be silly, be happy, be kind
you can find it pinned here , I always try to shop the house first before shopping for something new if a decor item isn't working for me.

 Let's just say this room is leaps and bounds better than it looked 3 years ago with just a little decor ,some new furniture and some re-located furniture and a little bit of was just a dumping ground for miss matched furniture...
I sold the coffee table recently, I sold the striped sofa and that wing chair...I'm thinking of selling that brown chair too as it is currently without a home and sitting in storage in the basement. I am a strong believer in selling unused items online instead of keeping them in the basement and they extra money can be put towards something new and that's always great.
You can see here how the entry wasn't properly framed in, it was so off balance I am so happy with it now being framed in properly.

So there we have the 3 year update...still to do is to rip out the carpet and install wood floors and I am considering another coffered ceiling at some point. 
What room is on the bottom of your to do list? 

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