Thursday, February 12, 2015

linen closet organization

 This is the first house we have bought that has a linen closet...I can't blame anyone for that because I had them removed at the building stage to create more room in the bedrooms in both of our first two homes. But this home had a real spot for a linen closet a big linen closet compared to the usual one skinny door closet.
I recently wanted to get a second vacuum, I mean I love my Dyson but it is heavy for me to carry up and down the stairs especially since my ankle sprains so I looked for a cordless vacuum. I tried one for just over a year but it didn't stand up nor could it replace my Dyson so I started to research other options. I really wanted another Dyson but I found a Hoover Air cordless vacuum that had really long battery power and it seemed to have the features I was looking for. I wanted this new vacuum for our main floor that is mostly wood floors. I found the Hoover Air cordless at Lowes for a really great price about $200 less than the Dyson so I figured it was worth a try so I bought it. So far so good but I still wonder how I would like the Dyson cordless stick vac.

There was more than enough room for the new smaller vacuum in the main floor pantry closet as it was, but I had to make space in the upstairs linen closet to keep the Dyson because there was no way to fit it in there.
Truthfully my linen closet was a massive mess, so many unused linens and things I didn't even know were in there. I was ruthless and cleaned it out. Somehow I can keep the rest of the house tidy but give me a closet and it will be a mess.
Notice my sad 20 year old ironing board...don't you like the blue paint tape floor protection sad. I went into Target and found a nicer newer ironing board, it was about time.

 Here is how this space looked when we moved in. Yes that's right, subfloor, raw railings and no doors on the closet.
Looking better with some flooring these things take time... to be truthful I still need to do a sanding and another top coat up here...I sure am dragging my feet.
 Stained floors, finished railings. I think adding doors to this closet was going to be $300 through the builder and as a DIY project it was only $100 with hardware and trim. Stay tuned because in the spring I have plans for that little hallway that leads to my kids rooms.
So much prettier, in fact I love this upstairs hall.
 Here is how I adjusted/customized the closet to fit our Dyson.
 I trimmed down the shelves and added this end piece with pocket holes, this was made so easy with those corner clamps I simply used a multi saw to trim off the excess shelf braces and filled all the damage.
 I thought it was worth switching out the metal brackets to these nice Ikea brackets I actually had laying around. The metal ones were functional but adding pretty brackets is an easy way to up the design appeal.

 I edged all the shelves with cheap pine, this cost about $20 and makes this closet look much more finished and substantial and it adds another 1/2" of shelf depth.
 Everything got a fresh prime and paint.

I love it when I finally get to finishing a space even a space as over looked as the linen closet.

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