Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living with LED bulbs, a year in review...

Last year I started a partnership with Home Depot, they so kindly offered to send me enough LED bulbs to switch out 97% of our lights to LED...I wasn't sure if I would like them but I had nothing to lose by trying them...
I would have to say as a family we are kind of picky with our lighting well my husband likes a warm amber/orange light and I tend to like a warm white light.

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After living with LED bulbs for a year I am 100% a convert. 
I bought a new lamp yesterday and I was bummed all I had were my old left over bulbs from before the switch, I will have to go grab an LED bulb soon. 

One of the things I have definitely noticed is that I have not changed out a burnt out bulb this entire year....prior to the switch I was changing kitchen pot lights on the regular... talk about annoying, I have to get out a full ladder to change those. 

The lighting I selected was warm white, not cold at all...but there are many versions of light to suit your preference. There is a great display at Home Depot so you can see all the options and choose what you like. 

The two brands I have been able to test drive are the Philips and the Cree bulbs...I give both an A+

SO how did it impact my electric bill....I was expecting a big change...but I think it is tough to say really how much these bulbs saved us in consumption...The cost of electricity has gone up...and in general our consumption has gone up. But that can be that we use electricity differently now. 
Our bill isn't broken up into usage...have you really read your electric bill is confusing to say the least...I just get the bill gasp and pay I what it is.

2013 February $83.77 for electricity = $172.39 (after all the fun add ons)

2014 February $95.31 for electricity = $207.26 (after all the fun add ons)

2015 February $98.44 for electricity = $238.99 (after all the fun add ons)

By fun add ons I mean retirement funds, delivery, taxes etc...let's just say I sure am glad we switched out our bulbs to LED because I am sure it would have been much worse. 
I think our increase in consumption is due to charging all of our iPhone's and devices, I also put in an automatic lighting for outside that is a night of lighting, maybe I should be done with that. 
It is what it is I guess...we are not big energy savers, well I am but the rest of my family is not.

In conclusion I love the LED bulbs, I am glad we have them, I love the lighting and I love that they last and last...and although in a 12 month period they don't show to have saved us obvious amounts of $ I know they are right for the environment and in the long run they do make a difference. 

 *I was given the bulbs by Home Depot this is a sponsored post but the opinions are mine 100%

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