Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 4 progress on the built ins

Well this is where I am today on the built ins, everything is in place now, I just need to price out one door and one drawer front. Depending on the cost of having them made I may decide to make my own, we'll see. 

I made a shallow drawer for this middle section.
 Here I am taking a little breather and enjoying the new view. I have been having Sophie make the decisions on the built in with me, since she will be the one using it. This built in needs to fit her needs. The section on the far left was going to have drawers but since the cabinet is only 12" deep plus trim it leaves only very shallow drawers so we went with more shelves and a door.
 Crown moulding really makes all the difference here, I am so glad I got over my fear and tackled learning this tricky manoeuvre, it was so exciting to see the corner come together perfectly.

Today I will sand , fill holes , caulk and paint. Oh wait the sun is actually shining today so maybe I will have to take a breather and enjoy the weather and get the lawn care done. Gotta be flexible right!

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