Saturday, June 15, 2013

The evolution of a built in , day 7

I am so happy with how the built-ins turned out especially after toying with how to set this built-in up for a long time. The reason I couldn't do a second tower to make it symmetrical is because to the right there is the door to the bathroom and a second tower would block access to that door. 

 Here is the little sketch of the built-in plan, things change during the building process as per usual when it come to me.
 I ordered a door for the bottom of the tower and a drawer front for the drawer, they will be inset doors. I went with a simple paint grade with an ogee and a straight edge. I considered a bead board inset door but it was more than twice the cost and it wasn't worth it for me, both doors cost $70 which I thought was very reasonable. Trying to find door to fit and in the size I needed would have been impossible. I want a professional seamless end result. It took 3 coats of paint just FYI.
Here is how things began , plain roman shades and a nice but not properly sized dresser for this room. 
 And here is a reminder of how it looked last Saturday , I know it is hard to believe it is the same stuff, the bones aren't cute but they don't need to be.

So there you have it a week from rough to lovely.

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