Friday, March 15, 2013

So where was I ????

Seriously I suppose I have been on a little break from blogging, but it was not planned, it just kind of happened or rather didn't happen.

I  never suffered from the baby blues but let me tell you every winter I get the blues and sometimes badly. This season has been a bad one for me. I was plagued with daily extreme headaches I gather they are from the low pressure or is it the high pressure from the cold weather , I don't know but it is killer. It zaps my energy and motivation to do really anything , which is not like me.

I decided to get off of all the white stuff, like flour, sugar , pasta , potatoes all that good stuff. Well that was hard but after 5 days of headaches I had it all out of my system. Moving onto healthier eating and generally being healthier. This year there will be changes. No time like 40 to get serious, right.

I was able on one of my better days to tackle the remaining closets of my daughters , just making them more functional by adding towers and re-arranging the single hanging to double hanging, what a difference.

I removed the single rod and one shelf for this set up, nothing fancy. Sophie is so tidy , this closet always looks like this which is so nice.

What else have I missed , oh the snow , I must show you the snow. Oh I hate snow , it's cold , it's a beast to clear and it gives me headaches, we just don't get along. Oh and it's March , mid March why are we still getting snow , it's crazy. This was taken a few weeks back.

 One morning about 2 weeks ago I woke up to this view , I will admit it was pretty this day.

 We have a lot of clearing to so , and we got way more than this actually, grrr.
 Go to bed, snow! Wake up in the morning, snow! Help...!!!!
Early spring , didn't that ground hog say early spring. What do ground hogs know anyway? nothing that's what....

 This kind of sums up this winter, stay in bed , hunker down , get cozy , stay lazy.....

Create, yes that is what I love to do most and I will I have big plans , lots of plans. Heck this is my wrist , I had it tattooed after all just recently.

I will get my mojo back , I better we have lots to accomplish this spring summer and fall. We need a fence and a deck and hopefully some more pine floors will get installed and some wainscotting on the main floor.That is the tip of the iceberg really.

Built-ins in 4 rooms, ceiling trim work 2 rooms or 3, painting lot's of painting, an in-ground hot tub , out door kitchen , gardens , front walkway,the office, basement someday,pine floors, finished garage.....many years of work ahead.

One the weather decided to be spring and a reasonable temperature I will back to work on a couple of projects in April, oh April please bring some nice warm weather , we sure need it in Southern Ontario.

So there you have it , I am alive and well just haven't had much to share , thanks to those who wrote to see if I was OK , I really was touched.

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