Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving onto the wainscoting

 We just completed out 1 year touch up list with our builder Tribute Communities. Our builder has been so great and very reliable to make any and all repairs that were needed. One little issue we had but that we thought we could live with was a missing bit of framing of the door way leading into the living room. But it was causing a problem for painting and it really needed to be added.
That's much much better, a little 2"x 6" and some drywall and the rest is up to me. I need to trim up the opening so that I can get what I want. I just need to get motivated and mostly I have been waiting for the weather to warm. Good news it has started , the thaw has begun. 
I even started the wainscoting to see how I like it. I am doing the same design as I used on the stairwell wall , which I love. I am going to continue this through the main hall.
Maybe I need to add another baton to the bottom and one to the top space??? decisions decisions.

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