Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trip to Ikea

 I took a recent trip to Ikea to pick up some goodies like drapes a new slipcover and some frames for the family room.
I did go ahead and buy the Abyn Blue striped cover as it fit my style and was a great deal especially since now I am not thinking of buying a new sofa , our ektorp sleeper sofa is in great shape it just needed a new dress pretty, amazing for an Ikea sofa that is 10 years old.
 I was worried my husband wasn't going to like it , since he is not one for stripes , but I find striped slipcovers very forgiving and it added interest. I even had my doubts when I went to pick it up. But we love it , both of us, it is just what the room needed.
 I also picked up the Ribba frames , the biggest ones they had, 39"x 27" , I just need to get my image printed. The frames really fill this wall well, smaller would be under scaled.
Fresh , new, coastal , love...

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