Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am happy to share a quick update on the house. The siding is moving along , although a little slowly. The rain is slowing progress. I am looking forward to seeing the shutters go up.

 They are working in a terrible mess of mud.
 Selena Gomez came to our city two days ago . I desperately tried to get tickets as soon as they went on sale but they sold out in 5 minutes. I tried again the day of by visiting the box office. I was so thrilled when they did have tickets and great tickets at that . I could barely wait to tell Sophie.
 I wanted to bring Mason and Sophie but Mason would not go without a friend , I only purchased three tickets. I really tried to convince Mason to come with her sister and I but she would not give in. Sophie invited a friend instead, it was their first concert ever and it was a great one.
 We even had a great view of backstage . Selena put on a great show .
I was so happy I was able to bring Sophie to see Selena Gomez , its not every day a big star comes to your city .

Thanks for checking in and have a great.

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