Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fun and finalizing

 Last week I got an invitation to the Halloween taping of The Steven and Chris show , well how could I say no ? I had a costume , a Kimono which was purchased for the upcoming annual neighborhood Halloween party , so after securing my date here below  Lisa,  we set off to have a good time at the taping yesterday , boy did we get a lot of funny looks . I loved this years theme , I won't spoil it , you'll have to watch on the 31st like I will .

 This was the gift the audience was given a cup and saucer, I'm using it right now in fact , how cute , a saucer you can write messages on , love it .
 I have finalized our kitchen design, I will have to finish the bulkhead with crown moulding in this area as well I will build the end open shelf for books ,it will be balanced in real life , I promise , I will also build the range hood , or go with a professional style stainless hood , not settled on that decision quite yet.
 This is how the window wall will look, no cabinets at all on this wall to leave it open and airy , tile all the way to the ceiling and open shelving for pretty things. I did make a little mistake on this drawing  the bank of drawers is actually one drawer with a door underneath , this kitchen will have 8 drawers including the pot drawers , I think that was money well spent , I will be so organized , I am doubling the amount I currently have .
We worked on a lovely plan for the fridge wall , this will have the look of a hutch and buffet , I have extended the bead board down to the counter , I may do a wood counter here with a routered edge just to go along with that furniture look , and it will be painted a different shade than the rest of the kitchen.

So exciting , can you tell I am dying to get this show on the road???

We have been so busy putting the house on the market privately , now this is in no way easy or free , it is all on us , but we do believe it is doable , when you have a good product it is worth a try to sell it for ourselves , don't be intimidated by an owner selling , they know their house best and can represent it better than anyone , I love to show my house , I love this place and I think it shows. But we'll see , I think things would move more quickly using an agent of course but we have time. It is getting noticed , lots of hits from our area as well as the greater Toronto area, so that is good news , that is what we are looking for , someone to love this place as much as we have and to make it their own , after all we will kind of still be neighbors right!

Looking so forward to watching Sarah Richardson's new show airing tonight where they take a builder home and customize it , kinds like I'm doing , should be fun .....tuning in tonight on HGTV Canada at 8:30 and setting my PVR of course.

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