Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak peek before it's complete

I just wanted to show you one last time how things are coming along for the little guest house we are building that we started back in May , these things take time since we are doing this all ourselves in our spare time . But I am happy to share this past weekend we made a lot of progress , we are almost finished the soffits , oh soffits now that is not fun stuff, my hands were so sore from using tin snips , ouch. Look here at my beautiful floor , it is just so lovely , it is 5" cottage pine tongue and groove flooring from Home Depot, I have used it in the main house and I just love it , $1.62 a sq foot, I am painting it , to keep it light and fun , I have decided on that colour but I am keeping that until the reveal.
All the walls are clad and painted , well it needs one more coat , and trim work still needs to be done , but I will have to rent a table saw for that job , coming soon .
I love how the bunkie looks a glow of light at night , I am getting very excited , the end is near.
I couldn't help myself to decorate just a little , next step is to rent a sprayer and spray out the ceiling , that should be interesting for sure , then the soffit finishing , and cladding the back ( our poor neighbours) and spraying the interior , trim , paint floor , exterior trim , building beds , just a teeny tiny bit of work right !!!! then we can give it a spin , sleepovers !!!
I should be taking some reservations soon , now no more peeks until it is all complete , I promise.

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