Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new bathroom indulgence

 Well I finally nearly a year after moving into our new house got a television for our master bathroom. Finally because I could not justify buying a TV for the bathroom. No one needs a TV at all especially not in the bathroom , but it is a nice thing to have and I know it's a luxury.
I just had a milestone birthday which I didn't really care to announce....but it happened I turned 40 last week , that means I guess I'm really a grown up after all, hahaha !!!

My husband decided to get me a 24" TV for the bathroom , I thought it was the perfect gift for me especially since I don't think I would have ever splurged on it myself...thank you thoughtful hubby...
We also had a lovely dinner out on the night of the worst winter storm in years and we are taking a big family trip in the upcoming months to Aruba , we are so excited....so hopefully my Mom will enjoy her stay at our Casa while she house /dog sits for us!
 I will  be able to watch GMA in the morning while getting ready and even indulge in some Housewives shows in the evenings...how sweet!!!!
 I loved the mirror but I have always thought it would be neat to have a TV for the bathroom....I know lots of people will think this is nuts but that's OK....it's my bathroom .

Thank you for stopping by my blog today ,


Victoria said...

Oh gosh, this is my husband's dream but there's no way I'll ever let him do it because I would NEVER see him again!!! In case I ever do let him, is there a special type you have to buy because of steam and condensation from the shower?

Dharma said...

Way to go Hubs! That living in a bathroom with any kind of soaker tub would be dangerous for me... LOL I would love to go to Aruba this time of year...glad to hear you weathered the storm :)

CaseyinTO said...

where can you view it from? the toilet? It doesnt look angled to the bath for me but maybe im not seeing it right?

happy birthday by the way!

JeanneW said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Andy said...

Love! Hoping for one myself some day.

marlenefit said...

Happy Birthday Chris! The tv looks great in your bathroom. It's a nice little touch.

Decor Addict said...

Happy Birthday!

Limefreckle said...

I love your bathroom and I don't think the TV is odd....I have tv's in every room....one in the kitchen, connected to the PVR in the room adjacent....but it's so great, I can watch the housewives while cooking dinner! Now if I could just watch them while bathing, life would be complete!!! Thanks for the idea, we are about to renovate our master bath....I wonder what my husband would say if I put a tv in there? That would make 6 in our house!!! YEEK, I must be addicted!


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