Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas spirit

I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit, I have even started some shopping on Black Friday , this is new to us here north of the border but its great , it's not crazy and I saved a bundle.

I was looking forward to decorating our new front porch for the first Christmas. I created a garland out of three faux greenery garlands wrapped together , then I added the lights , two strands followed by lots of natural greens , cedar and pine pieces. I used zip ties and just inserted some others. I used the hooks below to hang the garland, I found these at Home Hardware. I couldn't get them into the siding like in the instructions but they worked perfectly for the vinyl trim around the door , I hope the weight keeps this garland from falling , yikes!!! It looks really pretty at night all lit up. I also found battery candles for my lanterns and they have a timer in them brilliant.

 I actually forgot just what decor I have so I was thrilled to find out I had enough of this simple garland for the whole railing , simple sparkly and a little earthy too , I made simple ribbon from some grey fabric I had lying around.

 We are making progress, we have our new tree up , lit and fluffed, ready for ornaments. I found this 7.5' tree at Urban Barn for a great price , but it was not pre-lit... boo , so I had to light it. It sure is purdy even naked.

 I found a bunch of wreaths in the boxes in the basement and thought why not a snow man , I just used zip ties to attach them and a piece of fabric for a scarf.
 It snowed....just a little , I'm OK with a little bit. I hear we are going to have a big snowy winter this year.
 I just wrapped up an applied moulding wainscoting job locally just in time for Christmas, what a nice look for this room. Crisp classic and fresh. I used astragal moulding for the panels , it is my new favourite moulding , I am going to defiantly use it in my home also.
Thanks for stopping by , I hope you are enjoying the hustle bustle. Who's baking ?, who's decorating? who is not quite there and a wee bit overwhelmed?
Check out my Pinterest Holiday Board for a little holiday inspiration.


modern jane said...

I absolutely love that garland on your stairs!

thehouseoflists said...

We're getting our tree this weekend and I'm not sure who's more excited us or the kids.

The front door looks great! I think we have the exact same door (minus the kick plate) with nearly the same color.

Jake said...

I love the garland,too! The house is absolutely lovely and I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas in your new home.

Jake's a Girl

marlenefit said...

So pretty. I really like the black bows and silver ornaments. It looks nicer than the traditional red and green Xmas colors. And I love your wainscoting job. Amazing work!

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

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