Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black doors add drama

The laundry room isn't quite ready for her close-up yet. (morning shot, I love that sun)

 That little bit of applied moulding was standing in the way of our counter fitting , so it had to quickly get taken down, hence the tape. The installation of the counter was a little tricky to say the least , as I said it fit like a glove. But it is in...thank goodness. (evening shot)
 It has already been nicer to do laundry in there over the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed folding laundry in there and having a nice space to spread out and organize the folding. Beautiful.
Hopefully today the sink will get hooked up...I miss having a functional sink in the laundry room. Then I will grout and touch up paint and hang a curtain over the closet and a bamboo blind on the door, I'm almost there.
 I moved on to the door situation, well the brass situation, it had to go . I found bronze knobs last week at Lowe's for $13, so I stocked up. Glad I did because I saw them yesterday for $26.
 I love a power screw driver , don't you ? this one take regular batteries and its great. I even have drill inserts so it doubles as a drill in a snap.
 But I would like a lithium power driver for Christmas , if Santa is reading. OH Santa or Home Depot or Lowe's ???? LOL
 Switching out hinges on a door with three hinges is a breeze, just take one off and replace and move on, no difficult fiddling. Love.
I bought some bronze hinges and actually cleaned Lowe's out of the size I need . I then took some brass ones and sanded them down lightly and wiped them with acetone and gave them a couple of coats of black spray paint....well from now on I am buying them , its fine but too much work for a so so result.
 So the hardware is changed and the doors are black, I love them , just not all the painting. Three coats of black satin. Not sure what black it is , for some reason I have the paint desk a black chip and they colour matched it?? don't know why. Its a true black with a navy undertone.

 I used a velour roller and got a super smooth finish.
6 more doors to go and the back sides of all these main floor doors....soon it will be done and I will take a much deserved break to enjoy Christmas.

Back to painting I suppose.

Tomorrow is bring your kid to work day , my husbands job of making cartoons is much more exciting for our daughter but scheduling doesn't allow her to join him. She will have to come with me and learn carpentry , should be fun.

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sleruth said...

Love the black doors! Did you paint the closet doors in the bedrooms black, or left them white?