Friday, February 3, 2012

Surprise update

 I went a peeking in the kitchen thinking I saw a darkness , aka cabinets. And there they were , the cabinets were installed. I asked to get a look see and they were happy enough to oblige me. I am in love with the master bath, the shower looks like perfection to me. The vanilla painted cabinets look beautiful , lots of storage and a drawer for each of us. I even will be happy with the soapstone look laminate counters that we will some day down the road will change to marble.
 I wanted to get in to see just how much work I have ahead of me , I have a lot. I will have to move the uppers to the left of the stove over to be flush with the bulkhead and we will have to remove the cabinets and take out that 2 inch spacer above the cabinets , its a bit strange to me. I didn't know to ask to have that eliminated, but I think we can handle that little issue. I'm very happy I bought a paint sprayer. Remember these kitchen counters are temporary , there was no credit to eliminate them and we want to gift them to our lovely friends.We will paint this section of bulk head out like the cabinets and have a crown moulding installed , well I will be learning how to do that actually.
 Sophie was able to come for a peek , this is her bathroom . She is happy with the tile I selected on my own , it looks some what like cararra marble. She wants the cabinets to stay dark .

Its a big brown kitchen right now , but not for long I tell you . I am so happy to have enough room to get the fridge I want . I will be removing the cabinet to the right of the window and will be having open shelving there, they will become laundry room cabinets.I will rejig some of this fridge wall , raising the cabinet above the fridge and adding a gable there , this area will be a different color. I will make this area look like a built in not kitchen cabinets or that's my plan . And don't get me started on the island , it will be growing and housing the microwave .
All that being said , I know it will be the dream kitchen in my head , it will just take some elbow grease money time and patience.
Stay tuned for the journey starting in March.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how exciting. Everything is so beautiful and new. Can't wait to see your changes. Hugs, marty

Pine Tree Home said...

Wow, looks good already, but I know you'll put your extra touches on everything.

Miss Rubio said...

Oh Wow, this is awesome. Can't wait to see more. xx

Andrea said...

I look forward to seeing how you change your kitchen. I'm less than thrilled with our big brown kitchen, but it's brand new, so my hubs is nervous to paint it. I'll have to show him what you do =)

NicoleZ said...

Hey Chris
I was actually driving by the other day when the cabinet truck first arrived.
I agree it looks great already but will be fantastic when ur done w/it:)

Erin @ Two Story Cottage said...

Can't wait to see what you do with it!! I find it so funny the things the builders do sometimes. Who knows?? My parents custom built their house & they are still "changing" it to their taste just b/c there are only so many options when you are building.