Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are officially listed

 We tried to offer the house for sale privately and although we had a lot of interest and and viewers to our open houses and tried for about a month , I think we just need to open up our exposure to as many people as possible. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me .
This is a new experience for us , we have never sold a house with an agent before . We've only sold one house before but by ourselves and it went very well and easily but maybe it was just a fluke.
We have picked just the right agent , we have a very good feeling about this . Let's hope we are correct putting it on the MLS, because as lots of you know selling a house is not always the easiest process. We are very grateful to be where we are and in a stable housing market and glad we live in a great sought after neighbourhood , we wouldn't live any where else.

This is how it looked yesterday and now we will keep the house pristine and ready to show .

Wish us a quick smooth sale.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Your house is gorgeous - i have no doubt someone will snatch it up quickly. Good luck - selling is so stressful.

Susan said...

Good luck!

Laila said...

OOh, you're selling your house? Well, I think you won't wait long to sell, it's gorgeous!!

oldblackcatboo said...

if it was in my town and if I had the cash...I'd buy it in a second!
Good Luck!

Limefreckle said...

the worst part about selling is having to keep the house spotless! But your house should go's beautiful! So fun watching the progress of your new home!

Carpet Bag Vintage said...

It is exciting to see your house come up like that! Love it!

P.S. son still loving Side Kick!

Shirlee said...

One of the pitfalls of selling yourselves is you don't have a realtor to sort out the looky-loos from the real buyers. We've also found that people just knock on our door expecting to see the house right then and there, even though our phone number is in full view both on the sign and ad. But we live in a small town and I guess the mentality is different. Your home is beautiful and the pictures just want you to want to see more, up close and personal.
Best of luck for a quick and easy sale!

NicoleZ said...

I was shopping in downtown Bowmanville today and found a flyer w/your house in one of the amazing little shops. I was about to walk out but stopped to ask the lady if she knew the seller. Thats when she told me about your blog. First of all I have to tell you our house is gorgeous! I was actually going to stop by the open house but my husband will strangle me if I mention moving again:( I told him that when we bought this house I would never ask him to move again;)
We actually live in your neighbourhood and I wanted to know if you offer your skills to other homeowners. Please say yes:)
Happy selling

Kimberly said...

I 'bookmarked' Just Beachy in the summer when I was getting ideas to decorate my place in Florida and your home had exactly the 'feel' I was looking for. Today, I was thrilled to see you were having an open house, so I drove across town to see your handiwork in person. It was even more detailed and beautifully executed than the photos show! Your eye for colour, craftsmanship and creative flair show in absolutely every facet of your home. Bravo! I can't wait to see what you do in your new home! Thanks for the inspiration. Best regards,


Lilibet said...

that's a lot of house for the price. I can't believe it! Here in the furthest flung suburb of Ottawa, townhouses are going for $400k

your post makes me want to move to more southern Ontario.

Good luck! New house looks fab!

Will you get a push in stove next time? I am looking to buy a profile GE (our push in caught fire) just curious. Getting new subway tile, too. Ah.