Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Do you see that sign ? that's right , our house is officially sold. Exactly two weeks after we listed with a local agent , who we are just thrilled with, we got three offers in one night. How amazing is that ? super amazing. We are very happy for the new owners , we know they love this place as much as we do.

I wish them so much happiness and many happy years of cherished memories.

I was getting emotional the other day thinking back to all the years we have spent here.

When we moved here Mason was 4 and Sophie was 18 months old, just babies.
So many birthday parties with jumpy castles , so many Christmas mornings with waffle breakfasts and Thanksgiving dinners. Lots of fights and tears , laughter and fun. So many firsts like potty training, learning to ride a bike out front , learning to read and write, learning manners , getting new puppies. Everything seems to have happened right here. I have never lived in one house so long in my entire life, I will always feel attached to this house, although I am excited for the new house it will be very hard to say that final good bye.
Now we have peace , everything is going as planned , the new house kitchen is coming in early December . We will now focus on Christmas and then the mammoth task of packing and decluttering , donating and selling things will begin , but that is a task for January. For now we relax.
We will be moving on February 29th , we wanted that date because its a leap year and that's just cool , and that is the closing the new owners wanted as well, it seems meant to be .

So happy relieved and now relaxed, we are a very lucky family.

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