Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The new house update

 I am happy to update that the exterior is complete , well we don't have eaves troughs but that's about it , oh wait I forgot we are getting a porch railing , the grade is a little steep there so we will need one for code but we are getting there.
 They took down the pretty plastic orange fence , don't miss that .
 The shutters were all installed , they are dark blue and although they wouldn't be my first choice in color I am fine with them for now , selecting  wood flooring within budget is higher on the priority list. What color do you think they should be ? we are open to suggestions please.
 We wanted to go take a peek and measure Sophie's room for furniture , but we were locked out .

 Today they made great progress on the insulation .
 The tubs went in just yesterday .I am so happy to be able to document the steps and progress to look back on .

While floor shopping/ browsing I found this beautiful marble tile maybe for the powder room , we'll see.
Oh and why is wood flooring so expensive , anyone have a great source for me ? I am looking for 3 1/4" oak with dark stain , I was hoping for finished on site but it looks like I will have to find a well priced pre finished option, but we will see after I get a quote , you never know right .
How come so many options are $5.99 and up , doesn't that seem steep for basic oak ? I think I will be laying our floors by the look of it . Can you hear me crying ?
That's all for now .

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