Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The new house update

 I am happy to update that the exterior is complete , well we don't have eaves troughs but that's about it , oh wait I forgot we are getting a porch railing , the grade is a little steep there so we will need one for code but we are getting there.
 They took down the pretty plastic orange fence , don't miss that .
 The shutters were all installed , they are dark blue and although they wouldn't be my first choice in color I am fine with them for now , selecting  wood flooring within budget is higher on the priority list. What color do you think they should be ? we are open to suggestions please.
 We wanted to go take a peek and measure Sophie's room for furniture , but we were locked out .

 Today they made great progress on the insulation .
 The tubs went in just yesterday .I am so happy to be able to document the steps and progress to look back on .

While floor shopping/ browsing I found this beautiful marble tile maybe for the powder room , we'll see.
Oh and why is wood flooring so expensive , anyone have a great source for me ? I am looking for 3 1/4" oak with dark stain , I was hoping for finished on site but it looks like I will have to find a well priced pre finished option, but we will see after I get a quote , you never know right .
How come so many options are $5.99 and up , doesn't that seem steep for basic oak ? I think I will be laying our floors by the look of it . Can you hear me crying ?
That's all for now .


michelle said...

I have some friends that live just south of you and they put pine down. They also put antique brick on the exterior wall of the living and dining room and painted it. It looks great. The floor takes a beating and it just looks better with age. We put in oak when we moved in and it cost a small fortune even though we installed it ourselves. Next time we go with pine and maybe paint the floors in the bedrooms. Try Peacock lumber or Century Mill. Good luck!

Just Beachy said...

I have pine here in the upstairs hall and I love it , I am considering it . Thanks

Jen said...

lumber liquidators!!

cakebake said...

Holy smokes! Your new house looks E-NOR-MOUS!!!


Shirlee said...

Love the exterior with the centered entrance and the windows that stretch across the top.

If I could put in real wood floors, I would choose pine. I saw a home featured in Cottages and Bungalows that had natural pine. Loved the rustic and warm look of the floors.
When we reno'd our lr/dr, we had to rip out the old ceilings (horrible drop ceiling and the plaster one hiding above) and installed pine tongue and groove that I stained English Oak. It's my favourite part of the space.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Congratulations on the new home. Such an exciting time for you. I remember when we bought our home. My children grew up in it and we have some great memories.Cant wait to see how you will decorate it.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your new home is beautiful! I signed up as a follower so I can watch the progress of completing and decorating your new home.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the visit! We are installing those hexagon tiles and let me say, it's not easy!!! Congrats on the new house,so exciting for ya!!!! I'm sure it will be stunning!

Cindy/Design Love

Kate3 said...
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Kate3 said...

We had 3 1/4 inch solid oak installed in our home this summer. It was sanded and finished on site and we paid a little less than $7.00 per square foot. We found that it was a more economical option than prefinished solid or engineered wood. It all depends on what labor costs are in your area, though. While unfinished oak isn't super expensive the labor to finish it can really add up. We live in an area where a solid oak floor is really "out" and most people are opting for pricey exotics or engineered floors. But, I think a solid oak floor is classic and takes stain so well that it can be made to look like whatever species of wood you want. My wood floor guy put oak in his own house when he could have had anything because it is fairly inexpensive and is pretty durable.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

It is coming along so nicely, Chris. I'm glad that it is all sealed up for the upcoming winter. I really like the symmetry of the front of your home, very impressive looking.

Lilibet said...

I would go for lighter floors. On site oak is fab. I think dark hardwood is starting to look dated. I love the idea of softer pine in lower traffic rooms. love it.

Lilibet said...

cottage-grade pine for me upstairs next time! Flawless hardwood is overrated! Bring on the dings!


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