Wednesday, November 16, 2011

house tour with dry wall aka sheet rock

I wanted to show how things are coming along , there is a whole lot of work to do but things are really looking great.

 So I was allowed access into the house yesterday to meet with a flooring installer , and we totally were in the way and stopped progress for about 10 minutes. I wanted to get out of the workers way asap , but I wanted to get a jump start on a flooring quote. Guess who is not getting finished on site floors , that would be me. At $10-11.00 a foot its not going to happen, that would be about $20,000.00. I will keep looking for a great deal. I did find very nice unfinished oak at Lumber Liquidators that we may just have to install ourselves and have them finished , because at $2.49 a ft it has got to come in way way under the $10-11.00. Perhaps we will just have to go with pre finished, its not bad its just not what I was hoping for. Looks like we are going to learn a whole lot about laying floors, my hubby is going to be helping out with this mammoth project.
 We will be installing our tv above the fireplace and I will be building tall bookcases on either side of the fireplace to house the tv components and add display , some storage for the video game equipment and movies. I will be doing lots of built-ins in this house , now that I know how to do them.
 The upper hall here has a very large linen closet. I can see just how much this area will need paneling . I look forward to seeing how our upgraded railings and posts will turn out , we went with square flat cap posts instead of the standard and paint grade pickets and we will stain the hand rail.
 I can picture it all now, are you with me.

So we just need everything taped , sanded , trimmed ,painted and a little flooring and some basic light fixtures and cabinets and toilets and sinks and then we are all ready to go.


Andrea said...

We bought prefinished floors and installed them ourselves. They looked wonderful and saved us a ton of money! There are so many great options now, with less defined 'cracks' between the boards, so they look finished on site. G'luck with it!

Misty said...

Hey Chris.... I used to manage a flooring store, that specialized in site-finished hardwood and prefinished. Check out Vintage hardwood. They are very reasonably priced they have a builders line with the boards being 2 3/4" wide. There hardwood is very good quality, and they have some great colors. Also if you are thinking about site-finished. Installing yourself is a great way to save some money. I would consider eukula hard wax oil, especially with dogs. You never have to refinish your floors and can maintain them yourself. Good luck:)

Just Beachy said...

Thanks Misty and Andrea , I will check out vintage hardwood for sure and thanks for the advice about the eukula hard wax oil, sounds perfect.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such an exciting time for your family! It's going to be stunning!!!

Shirlee said...

It's really coming along. It's so exciting to see a home being built especially one that you have put your own personal stamp on
I've been watching the new season of Sarah's house but who has a budget like that? I think you'll have a beautiful, family friendly home on a much more realistic budget.
ps. I vote for a paneled tub base.

Mel said...

Hi Chris. Frequent visitor but I don't comment very often.

Something just occurred to me; I noticed they installed a bulk head in your kitchen, above where the stove will be. Just wondering if it's necessary to have it. I don't see bulkhead in any other area.

Linda at beachside cottage said...

Good Luck!!!!

Sand and Sea