Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dining room update day 5

 I got started last Friday...I got the basic boxes completed so that I could get the flooring started on another day as I did not want to waste flooring under the built-in which was a good call because I was only left with 2.5 extra boards.
I made sure to frame out the wine cooler opening...

I was happy to pick up y wine cooler of choice on sale this past Monday
 I know it doesn't look like a lot but it will look lovely I'm sure.
 I adjusted the origional plan to have the center lowered, it was feeling a bit high , I think it looks interesting also, I think the liquer bottles will look great there in the middle.
 I started the floors Monday by framing out the built-in, I think it will add a nice detail.
 Here is how far I got was slow going but thins went well

 In case you want to try this layout this is how you start the corner of each run...pretty simple actually

 I could not have been more happy when I completed this install...until I realized I had cleaned up and then realized I had missed the part beside the built-in by the window...annoying, in total it took three days
I had a bit of left over material so I finally installed flooring in the closet...I thought the dining room was a tight space to work....

I am going to take tomorrow off to recuperate and take care of some personal business and to order some new chairs for the family room.....kinda excited for new chairs...thanks for stopping by....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dining room renovation...plans, decisions & wish lists...

 Tomorrow is the day that the dining room renovation begins....I have most of my decisions made and I have the overall plan all ironed out....but I am also going to let the process lead me in the right direction.
I was going to start with the ceiling as I did in the family room but then I thought maybe I will tackle the floor install first as my only timeline is to have the floor installed before Halloween and that is fast approaching....I will stain it last though.
Then I was thinking maybe I would install the base of the built-in since I can install that right on the subfloor and install the flooring around it instead of wasting flooring underneath it.
Then that lead me to thinking I should put a wine cooler in the built-in for wine and beverages as a big part of the dining room will be it functioning as a bar.
Here are the functions of this room is obviously a dining room to seat 4-6 people, it will be the bar area for wines and spirits and probably beer for my husband as well the built-in will house all my stem wear and table linens.
I have never had a dining hutch or so this custom one will be my first & I'm pretty excited.
I also want to house our printer so that it's handy for all of use to print things out from time to time. I also want this room to double as an office for me when needed.
This room will be primarily used at night so I want it to feel cozy and intimate for that lighting is key so I am toying with lamps of sconces....

I want to still use the big mirror we have in the dining room so it will stay but behind it I am thinking horizontal planks will be nice.
 I may or may not add glass doors....we will se about that.
 I think this is the wine cooler I will be getting , I'm finding with wine fridges run around $400 for stainless steel on the low end up to well over $2000, I am happy with the low end, it has two zones and nice wood racks and lighting, all the things I want. $2000 it way too much for me to spend on a small wine fridge, we're not even big wino's...
 I have been patiently waiting and letting my wood sit....for the recommended 2 weeks but I am looking forward to having another completed room....
Unlike how I have tackled projects in the past I am going to take my time and not put so much pressure on myself to get this done quickly...this blog used to give me the motivation aka pressure to pump out makeovers and projects in an insane timeline....people used to say all the time "wow you're fast" or "how do you have all the energy you do?" but I don't feel the same pressure that I used to, I guess that's the perk of no longer having a so called popular blog...I have a lot of loyal readers/followers and I appreciate all of you but I am thankful I don't feel the pressure I used to.
I had pinned the above photo to my built-ins board a while back, I love how slim and simple they are, with the help of the designer Meredith Heron I found photos of the completed built-ins....aren't they beautiful. You can see more of her beautiful work here MEREDITH HERON she is from Toronto but works internationally.


I need to keep much of my built-in shallow much like this one to allow ample space for my round dining table, of course the left and right side will be deeper to fit the wine cooler. 

Don't forget that I will be adding beam and perhaps v-groove to the ceiling also....

As for the pattern I will lay the flooring...well it's not going to be quite like this but a version or a modified version of this and my boards are 5" wide so it will look different but there will be a kind of chevron pattern...I think...I will work that all out tomorrow I guess...or perhaps I will go pick up the wine fridge and start the built-in boxes....reguardless things are definately getting started tomorrow....

See you later with some updates...follow me on instagram for more frequent updates and up on the left

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's official my part is complete, a built-in and fireplace makeover

 I thought a side by side photo was in just shows you you can make something not so pretty... pretty, there was no need to tear out all of what was there, the bones were good, this built-in was maybe not designed that well but it was build solidly so it was more than worth the investment of a re-vamp.
There was no saving the mantel hearth or surround so those were removed down to the bare bones but then re-built with better proportions and more classic details and design.

 we wer just two knobs short sadly...these things happen, other than that it is complete it just needs some paint and then styling, which takes time I really don't think you can rush aquiring the right accessories so there is no rush.
Those solid doors we had made at Marbel where I have had other doors made are the perfect finishing touch and will now allow lots of hidden storage and who doesn't need hidden storage.

I will do another update when the room is painted and put back together....thanks for stopping by today.