Sunday, July 2, 2017

Farmhouse mudroom foyer makeover

 I am happy to say I am half way there with our entry foyer...I still have a lot of painting to do as well as baseboards to add...and more of this tile to extend this area...but for now it will function in the meantime.

what a difference some white paint, a new door, removing the sliders and painting the stained glass accents black is all modern farmhouse now.

we were never a fan of the all brown look and those bedroom closet sliding mirror doors...those were not ever my thing, and those front doors were awful, leaky and unusable due to swelling in the winter because they were interior bedroom doors...

                                                   I started the closet with a blank slate...
                                      added a larger scale casing and lots of 6" pine v-groove
                                                                        a bit of primer
                                                            lots of birch white paint
               I found some great hooks at a country store near by...and added a shelf on brackets
added three rough boards stained almost black for shoes...
and now this heritage wall just steals the show as it should

I think there is the right amount of wood accent now...I kind of love it...I had planned on putting doors on this closet but everyone in the house loves it open and lets face it , it will function much better open and since it is in an area not visible to the rest of the house I think this will function beautifully as a true mudroom...fitting for a farmhouse...this church house is my backs onto a farm...and it is our house...I'm good with this rationale.

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