Thursday, June 8, 2017

Farmhouse furniture

 When you move it is almost always the case that not every piece of furniture will suit your new home...either in style, function or size...this was the case with our is only slightly smaller than our last bedroom which makes it the smallest bedroom we have had, we have never had a large bedroom I suppose...but one non negatiable is having a king sized bed... our last bed we loved but it was a four poster and it took up more than a foot of space that we desperatly I sold our bed frame and built this farmhouse style headboard... it is 5'2" tall just about as tall as I am...but we needed height with our very tall ceilings.
I built it in a barn door style construction...I wanted a rustic simple design with framed panels...
here is the black four poster that we sold, we couln't even have the foot board posts installed it was so tight in there so it only made sense to replace it.

 I stained this headboard brown then applied a couple of thinned coats of white and distressed the white after it dried to achieve that white washed look.

The other piece we didn't even bring with us was our outdoor was 10' long and it wouldn't have worked in our new smaller space.

 I wanted a super simple farmhouse table with the most basic construction which is just this design...with a long bench we can easily seat 7.
 It is so sturdy and simple, I made it out of rough pine and sanded and painted it with the same paint used on the exterior of our house, I love the simplicity and it pairs nicely with our chairs we got from lowes years ago.
We created a courtyard between our house and the garage to allow space for a fire pit and a dining table...we also have a deck along the back of our house we have a four seater sofa and two arm chairs up there and a lounge seat area...

How do you like our string lights at night, we love is magical.

So there is my little furniture update...we are really embracing this new farmhouse style, it just is so casual and suits our house in farm country.

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Alysha said...

Very nice place, Chris. Your outdoor space is so inviting and the table and chairs are perfect for an enjoyable lunch or dinner. The string lights are very pretty, too!

Chris Kauffman said...

thank you I'm glad you like it