Tuesday, December 2, 2014

from sketch to reality

 It all started with a little sketch a full wall of cabinets with two tall open shelving units.
After a lot of hours and days and weeks of plugging away I finally have my completed built-ins.
I think that they turned out even better than I had hoped for.
 The corner window and bulkhead proved a little challenging but I think it turned out great.
I took a lot longer than I had thought but when I stand back ad look at it all done, well except for the marble I have yet to get it was all worth all the hard work and long hours and money spent...I figure easily this built-in would cost $3000 plus to have done and I'm not sure what it cost me exactly but let's just say it was a fraction of that cost.
 I am so looking forward to getting the floor stained finally. I will first screw down any areas that aren't as flush as they should be, then I will make a mixture of saw dust and glue and fill an gaps before I do the final sanding.
 I especially love how these shaker doors turned out and I am so glad I went with the contemporary brass hardware.
 Close up of the stained wood backs and trim detail.
I am really excited to see the wine cooler in place full of wine and with the lights a glow....I am really looking forward to having our first dinner in this room...very soon.

See you soon...

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