Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer round up

 The projects have really slowed down since summer started, as for most our efforts turned outdoors.
Last I mentioned we were planning a pool and hot tub and a really big backyard reno. Well all that will come eventually (probably not the pool anymore), it is a really big project and a huge budget, so that will not be rushed into at all.
What we decided to concentrate on was the existing fence , I love a closed fence , the look and privacy.
We were going to finish off our yard fence and we had several quotes to have it done. I was in shock from $3100-$8000 for that same fence , so we decided it will be done by us to save the dough for the good stuff.
In the meantime I added some style and privacy to the fences we already have.
 It cost me $31 per panel to close in this side of our yard , adding a top fascia and closing in the gaps with half thick fence boards from Lowe's that came in 6 ft lengths and bundles of 10 for $23, a great deal.
 The 6 or more year old fence that is at one end of out lot behind the garage was just very weathered and not my style at all , so I decided to use the thin boards horizontally as I wouldn't be able to create the exact look of the longer run of fence so I created kind of a feature wall.
 We added this 12 ft tall Japanese lilac that will grow to 20 ft and will fill in this space nicely. I will add gardens below at some point and some lighting.
              We also added a 14 foot Catalpa to the west side of our house as it gets so hot on the upper floor so in time this tree will help shade the house. These are our first big tree purchases , I loved tree shopping , I learned so much. I didn't enjoy back filling the tree holes when it was over 100 degrees at the time.
 I love the view out my kitchen widow more now with a beautiful tree to soften my view.

 Here is what a mature Catalpa looks like , beautiful.
 It's funny how exciting it is to get these new elements for our house.
 It was one of the hottest days of the summer and these poor guys had to move the tree, it was an awful sight to see them struggle, the tree has a few bruises from the tight transport, they gather this tree weighed in between 700-1000lbs but all seems well for the new tree.
 We have been making several trips into the city this summer, hopping on the train first to see One Direction for the girls , it was their Christmas gift and was a long long wait. And then to See Justin Bieber for me and my cousin , yes we are old Beliebers...we had a blast and danced the night away, the teenagers didn't seem to mind at all, we also found a few other grown Beliebers.
 We stayed one night at the Royal York and enjoyed the view of the CN tower from our room.

We headed back to the CN tower to make the journey to the top once and for all. I had been once as a child but not as an adult and my family had never been so it was time and the perfect weekend activity.
 I do not like heights at all but I was pleasantly surprised at how secure I felt being up so high, I skipped the glass floor , I just don't get that ....makes me feel a little ill to even look down that far.
The day was perfect and view was beautiful, the part of the city we were in was unusually quiet this day which was nice too. We stayed and had a little dinner , we are very lucky to live 40 minutes from the city of  Toronto we have the best of both .
I just have to show you Mason's high school art class work, isn't it truly amazing , I had to frame it and hang it .... I am so impressed. 
We also headed out to cottage country with our good friends to spend a couple days on this lake , I love the water. I was so glad we were able to enjoy that lake side feeling once and for all. I sometimes wish we had a cottage .....

Well that's a snippet of our summer so far, it is flying by too fast that is for sure. 
Hope your having fun too ...

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