Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random update

well it has been an interesting few days. I came back sick from Aruba with a very bad cough , sore throat and fever so most of last week was a waste.
Friday Sophie had track and field day ,which she wanted to skip , I got a call around 11:00am from her teacher saying she had hurt her ankle and that it was quite swollen so they were arranging her a drive back to the school so I could go get her and take her home. Can I just say 
that our public school here is really wonderful, the principal drove her back himself. Her ankle was quite swollen when I first saw her and she was able to drag her leg along. I thought it was just twisted but even after advil the pain was getting unbearable, she never asks to go to the Dr but Sophie wanted me to bring her right away. 
So off to the clinic where they wanted an x-ray , and good thing too because she had to my shock, two fractures. She was fitted with a removable boot cast $175 , oh well not everything can be free. But shout out to free healthcare, go  Canada. 
Her pain was pretty bad for the first three days but things are looking better today , she is back to school. Sadly she got my terrible cold with fever , when it rains it pours.

I am very much actively figuring out our backyard plans. It all started with this app
I found it on pinterest a while back and it is fun to play with. 
We then found a local pool company who did an amazing drawing for us with great ideas. But you can't rush such a big decision or project. I have tweeked things here and there over the last few weeks and this current plans seems to be everything we want.

 The app is great but it doesn't have the pattern of stone I want so that is way you see a flagstone pattern, we don't want that.  We want random square and rectangle stone , like this sandstone, or blue stone, but we are also open to a cement product also. Of course real stone is nicer.
 I am in love with this outdoor dining set from Lowe's , the chairs are my favorite, and the table is the most beautiful I have seen.
We went to see a couple of pools this weekend which was great, this tiki hut left quite an impression on me, it really creates and escape outside of the pool here, it is wired for lights and television. It really takes you away.
Summer has been in full swing since our return from Aruba, it's quite incredible.

So hopefully soon we will all be healthy and mended and enjoying more outdoor time. I can only imagine having a retreat backyard at this point but it sure is fun to imagine.
 This is my favorite pool of all time , this is the kind of stone we like , and the steps into the pool also.

This is the style we want for the covered dining area....but ours would be a vaulted open roof, I just love the beams and bamboo.

Thanks for stopping by I hope your last week has been a little less eventful than mine. I didn't mention the dog with new allergies or the bunny that was hit by a car ( it survived and was picked up by animal services, poor bunny we have lots of wild cotton tails around here) oh and I saw two snakes across from our house, I have lived here most of my life and never have seen a snake and I saw two on one 10 minute walk....snakes freak me out.
Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather, off to do my daily watering now, cheers!

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