Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Decorating a teen bathroom, challenges

 Here is where this little bathroom stands today after two full days of working on it. Black wainscoting, black and white accents and Heavenly blue walls.
Challenges in this bathroom are that is is a jack and jill bathroom so the toilet and tub are seperated from the sink by a door, we removed the door because of moisture issues and since only on person is using this bathroom there is no need for that door. 
The second challenge is that the toilet area is tight and girls need their stuff. 
The nest challenge is that this bathroom has no windows and no natural light. 
My goal was to make this bathroom pretty and highly functional maximizing storage. 

      I love love the star light but my nearly 15 year old daughter does not agree. Well truth be told she doesn't care about design really at all.
 I started by trying to find a solution for this tight space. I was hopeful that there would be space for a cut out and cubby and there was just enough space to do so.
 I know this looks a little odd but painted out to blend into the wall I knew it would look fine and would allow some needed space. It fits 4 rolls of toilet paper on the right and lady necessities on the left. Teen bathroom, K.
 My nearly 15 year old daughter is my messy kid , the one that keeps everything and needs multiples of everything , it seems. The counter if her vanity is so cluttered it drives me crazy. I decided to create extra storage shelves on the side of the mirror by creating semi floating shelves. The frame will be painted black soon.

 I wanted a bold edgy look since this is a teens bathroom and it is also something new. My daughter wanted white , it didn't take much to convince her to give the black a try.
 Here was the little speed bump, while at Home Depot she, the teenager picked the purpley blue hue. I figured hey its some interest, but it was awful , I hated it , it was dark drab and depressing , gothic someone even said . Not my goal. So this morning I tried a grey and a soft blue, both looked awful and drab. This room has no window so the wrong color is unforgiving.
 This was the origional color that I had planned on using , Heavenly blue a Martha Stewart color. It was perfect after all, finally. This image shows it looking very periwinkle , it's not its a soft powder blue.
Here is the light Mason has decided is cooler than my lovely star fixture , I sure hope she is right. It is nice I like it very much.

There is a bit more painting to do and finishing touches including painting the cabinets black and adding a nice foot detail as well as removing one door and making it into drawers , why didn't I just do that at the building stage , dumb. It's coming along. Her room is a right off though since every inch of wall space is covered in One Direction pictures and posters. Oh's natural.

The wall color is Heavenly Blue MS, the shower curtain is from Homesense, the mirror is from Target, the star light is from Home Depot, new light from Home Depot, towels from Ikea.

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