Friday, April 12, 2013

transformation with wainscoting

Good morning. As I wait for the rain and freezing rain to settle so I can get back to this trim project I am working on at Ellen's this week I thought I would share it with you as well as most of my trim projects I have completed over the years. 
As you can see I have been adding an applied wainscoting with an extra little trim detail. So far I am 17.5 hours into the installation. It's not always a quick process but what a difference it makes.

Nothing transforms or elevates a space like trim. I really believe to get the best result in decorating , the way I like to , is to start with beautiful bones. I think that rooms should be beautiful empty, you will start off the decorating process ahead of the game and get a better layered and finished end result.

 This is my favorite new chair rail .
Varied panels add interest to a blank bit of wall and create a feature.

 Here is another recent project I completed, it was the finishing touch , it was a bit backwards ending with the trim , but as long as it got done it was all worth it.
 My last house where I learned all of my carpentry skills, I can't remember if I started on this trim or on the applied mouldings in the family room. Either way I loved them both. White moulding makes my hear sing.
 More of my last house.
 I adore and miss this panelled wall from my last house and the vaulted ceilings , I loved that house.
 This is the house where I am working now , Ellen's house . Do you remember her entry/mudroom. I love seeing how it functions over the years.
 How can I forget my beachy bedroom and the board and batten, it was so cottagey.
 My current homes main hall wainscotting still in progress.
 More of my current home.
 This image I captured on our moving day , it was a good bye old girl shot, such a pretty space.
 My laundry room, I used shoe moulding to create the panels and flipped a large baseboard to create a generous trim for lots of hooks.
My stair wainscoting.
 One of my first projects I tackled while my husband was out of town on a business trip.Applied wainscoting. How cute was little Sophie , this was taken three years ago or so when we had our first magazine photo shoot , what a cute shot.

So what do you think ? Do you love trim like I do ? Would you tackle this type of project yourself ? Would you love a ladies only carpentry 101 class to go to learn these skills? Just wondering...

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