Thursday, January 10, 2013

Without further ado... Revere Pewter at 50%

these photos were not edited or altered to show the truest color possible, the photos were taken around 10 am
This room is now 40% complete so it is still a work in progress , but the painting is finished, I used BM revere pewter at 50% strength
I wanted to keep an over all light look , I was looking for an non color color, and that is just what I got, it is a soft warmer grey a great neutral.

We still need to tackle removing the carpet and installing wood flooring and finding a large area rug. That will be fun .

So what do you think? Sometimes when I am at the Home Depot paint counter I am in complete shock at the colors people choose to paint their walls, intense and I mean intense colors seem to be a big seller, which is why I get questioned by the paint associates when they see my paler shades.
I always say the wall color should not be the first thing you see , it should be the background. Although I am loving my deep blue slate dining room I would not be able to live with that kind of intensity every where, I crave light and airy most of all.

One more time this paint color is Benjamin moore's Revere Pewter in flat , mixed in CIL dulux paint at Home Depot.


Alissa said...

What trim color did you use?

Chris Kauffman said...

it is birch white from sherwin williams

Polly said...

Do you know what type/color of woven blinds you have? I just love them

Chris Kauffman said...

I am afraid I don't know the exact style these are very close