Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to use accent furniture to add style and function

The decision to add an accent piece to the upper hall was one I had been considering for a while now. This space needed something....but the right piece. When I saw this console on I knew it was perfect for this spot. It was just the right style width and most importantly the depth was right,
turns out it was just what we needed. 
Everyone LOVES it... and not all my decor decisions get this kind of reaction from my family members so when my 16 yr old daughter comments positively on my decor I know it must be really good.. 
I had hung this art I made a while back and it helped add a little something but it always felt a little bland and like this spot needed something.

This console from is very nice, it looks so good and is very solid. The finish it very well done and looks hand finished which gives it great character that fits the style of my home it's the perfect mix of traditional,casual & coastal.
I immediately took all the parts out of the box and assembled it within 10 minutes and was off gathering all my pretty things that I had no place for. 

 Beautiful hand painted look's really beautiful. You can find this table HERE

Most of these decor items were sitting in boxes in my basement for two years not having a place to be displayed.
These items all grouped together show my coastal beachy side. I love all these items and its nice to have them out to enjoy. This console was the perfect accent piece for the hall.
 I wish I had more spots in my house to add more accent furniture because Staples has a lot of amazing options at unbelievable prices. 
Display and function that is a perfect mix for me. I'm not the best at table top display but you should just try to have fun with it it's just decor after all so it shouldn't be too serious.
Layering things and stacking items on books as well as grouping similar items of varying heights is always great ways to put things together. 

Here are some other great options you will find at 
I know what you're thinking you had no idea had home furnishings and wow its nice and wait till you see how reasonable the prices are welcome.

you can find 
Are you looking for some new accent pieces to add to your home? 
Please let me know what you think of the items available from I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

                                             *this is a sponsored post but the opinions and tips are all mine.


laura Madalene said...

That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor ideas. I'll be back to read more in the future. studio-with-gothic-style

unknown said...

Hi Chris,
Normally don't comment anymore.But, just had to say its beautiful and thanks for sharing:-)

Cynthia said...

hoping the table was free since you linked to the site so many times! Isn't Staples closing a ton of stores??? Not sure I'd be ordering anything from them just in case!

Jake's a Girl said...

Love it! The wall painting too. I always have to have accent pieces that has drawers. ;) Another place to put stuff.

One little problem I have is finding just the right thing. I'll look for months, purchase something and then find the perfect piece. I think you've found the perfect piece for that spot.

Cassie Tyler said...

Well, it really looks great and I hope this table was free since you added to the site so many times. however, I would say that think you've found the perfect piece for that spot.

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