Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sometimes life slows you down

I thought I should pop in and say hi and show you what's going to be slowing me down for the summer...sadly.
I have sprained BOTH my ankles...
 I've been spending a lot of time like this lately...being sidelined is really hard for me since I am clearly a busy body type. I have a million things to do daily and I like it that way.
I was up to my usual things just after lunch on Thursday putting up a new umbrella on our new deck, I wanted to move one of our little (35 lb) fire pits over to the dining area off the deck I stepped off the deck and my left ankle gave way rolled popped and then the right foot did the same, I crumbled to the ground and I was convinced both my ankles were broken.
I was able to crawl to the house where my daughter was and she helped me from there. I was able to get to the Dr and have my ankles looked at , my Dr determined they weren't broken but were badly sprained.
Just stay off them, rest and they will get better.
That first couple of days was pretty awful but I am happy to say my ankles are improving slowly but they are improving. I am walking like a toddler which has really slowed me down...my family has been very helpful especially my husband I am so lucky to have him to take care of me.

 I was able to take part in the grocery shopping thanks to one of those motor carts they have..beep beep.
 I normally have very boney ankles that look nothing like this.
 Be careful when stepping off things especially while carrying heavy things please, or ask for help.
 This was my Saturday...doesn't look too bad...sadly I get bored easily. I am so glad this happened after we completed the fence and deck projects.
I just have to throw in this photo of my 1 year old Mason going back 15 years....I sure miss my babies. My Mom stopped by the other day with a bag of old photos for us to go through. Honestly she was the cutest every mom thinks that.

So if you don't see me posting lots of projects over the next few weeks you will now know why...I guess I'm not going to be painting my bedroom or finishing the dining room any time soon. I am just very lucky they weren't broken.... please be careful out there.

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