Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have been steadily working on the laundry room base cabinets. I can only imagine how costly it would be to order up custom cabinets and since it is pretty simple to build my own I opted for building my own. 
I selected pine 3/4" plywood.
I purchased the plywood at Home Depot and had my cut all planned out , then my helpful Home Depot associate cut my sheet of plywood into the sizes I needed. 
This makes for quicker assembly , less mess and manageable sized pieces that will easily fit into my hatch back. 

 Here is what became of my sheet of plywood and some scrap MDF if had in the garage. I want my counter to go over the washer and dryer and for the sink to be at the same height , its high but for occasional washing up and filling dog bowls I think it will work very well. These cabinets are 39.5" high.
 But what about a door? Well I had to make one and I did. Out of pine T&G flooring. I cut down the 5" wide boards to 2.5" and used the groove to install sheet bead board, it worked , I was so thrilled.
I do believe now I need to make new upper doors for my laundry room cabinets. Darn!
 The sink cabinet will go the left and the open shelf will sit tot he right of the washer and dryer.
 I can't believe I build a cabinet door !!!
 I have been looking for the right faucet for the laundry room , it needs to be quite short but a oull out hose feature would be great also. This seems to be a good choice.
The counter is ready and waiting still to be stained. I need some help getting it down to the basement .

Now I need to decide , do I paint the laundry room cabinets all white , even though the uppers are currently grey and the trim is grey , I am thinking white would be better for all of it .....oh my ! Maybe the trim can be white ... because the tile is white and I am thinking grey grout , OK I think I figured it out , grey cabinets and white wainscoting. How does that sound?


Sarah said...

Instead of building new doors for the uppers, why not put beadboard wallpaper on them so they match the lower doors?

AJ Reddicliffe said...

Now that I've picked my jaw up from the ground... want an all expenses paid trip to Australia to fit out MY laundry?! You are so clever. I really admire your handy work and talent.

Michelle said...

Everything in your home is coming together so nicely!!! I can't wait to see your finished laundry room.
We are in the process of remodeling ours. When we built our house, DH didn't want a laundry tub. I did. I lost. 8 yrs later, guess who wants the laundry tub. We cut a hole in the backside and brought the plumbing through. Nice that it sits over our mechanical room. :) Laundry tub is in. Upper cabinets are in. We need to do our board and batten treatment on the walls and add crown molding to the cabinets and tile to the floor. Ever so very slowly, it is getting there.

Missy in Texas said...

Check ebay under used kitchen faucets. I got a great deal for my laundry room sink. 40 bucks and it is as good as new, has a sprayer, and has an antique vibe.

Jake said...

What Sarah said. :)

I can't imagine whatever you do it not being perfect. I noticed you have a laundry tub in there. Are you adding a sink and doing away with the tub?

I have the drawers under my front loader set and I really don't like them. I know hubby would freak if I ask for them to be removed.
The sink cabinet is seperate and i'd rather had it all one unit.
Oh well.

Ellen said...

Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! May you never run out of projects for me to get inspired by!

Ford Interiors said...

I have been reading your blog for months now, and it is my first time commenting. I needed to tell you how much your blog has helped me on my own home improvements - and most recently, i have been putting together my own counter valence just as you did on your bath and kitchen! Plus, the fact that you are a woman and you do it yourself makes me realize I can do it too! Your home and your ideas are amazing and beautiful. Thanks for letting the rest of us follow along!

Just Beachy said...

Thank you for all the supportive comments , I really do appreciate it so much.

Michelle said...

I am in love with the lighting in your laundry room! Can you tell me where I can find one and what they are called? I think its an antique school house light, but I may be way wrong. Love your blog!!!

Michelle said...

I am in love with the light fixture in your laundry room! What is it called and where can I find one? I love your blog!!!!