Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black doors add drama

The laundry room isn't quite ready for her close-up yet. (morning shot, I love that sun)

 That little bit of applied moulding was standing in the way of our counter fitting , so it had to quickly get taken down, hence the tape. The installation of the counter was a little tricky to say the least , as I said it fit like a glove. But it is in...thank goodness. (evening shot)
 It has already been nicer to do laundry in there over the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed folding laundry in there and having a nice space to spread out and organize the folding. Beautiful.
Hopefully today the sink will get hooked up...I miss having a functional sink in the laundry room. Then I will grout and touch up paint and hang a curtain over the closet and a bamboo blind on the door, I'm almost there.
 I moved on to the door situation, well the brass situation, it had to go . I found bronze knobs last week at Lowe's for $13, so I stocked up. Glad I did because I saw them yesterday for $26.
 I love a power screw driver , don't you ? this one take regular batteries and its great. I even have drill inserts so it doubles as a drill in a snap.
 But I would like a lithium power driver for Christmas , if Santa is reading. OH Santa or Home Depot or Lowe's ???? LOL
 Switching out hinges on a door with three hinges is a breeze, just take one off and replace and move on, no difficult fiddling. Love.
I bought some bronze hinges and actually cleaned Lowe's out of the size I need . I then took some brass ones and sanded them down lightly and wiped them with acetone and gave them a couple of coats of black spray paint....well from now on I am buying them , its fine but too much work for a so so result.
 So the hardware is changed and the doors are black, I love them , just not all the painting. Three coats of black satin. Not sure what black it is , for some reason I have the paint desk a black chip and they colour matched it?? don't know why. Its a true black with a navy undertone.

 I used a velour roller and got a super smooth finish.
6 more doors to go and the back sides of all these main floor doors....soon it will be done and I will take a much deserved break to enjoy Christmas.

Back to painting I suppose.

Tomorrow is bring your kid to work day , my husbands job of making cartoons is much more exciting for our daughter but scheduling doesn't allow her to join him. She will have to come with me and learn carpentry , should be fun.


sfitzg2 said...

Love the hardware makeover - thanks for the inspiration!

AntiqueChase said...

love this in your home!

Sara said...

Wow these look AMAZING :)

Cathy said...

Exactly what I wanted to show my husband as I am about to paint our doors black.
Your home is lovely.

Valerie said...

The black doors are gorgeous...add so much dimension to the room!

Art and Sand said...

Your hallway is so chic with the black doors.

Tery H said...

Love the black doors! Also love the sconces!


Kelly said...

I love the sink cabinet and would love to know the size/brand... we have a small bathroom and that cabinet looks like it would be the perfect size.

Just Beachy said...

Hi Kelly,
the cabinet is a custom piece I made myself.

nancyogengayouree said...

Georgeous! nice job.. also did you have to take off the doors to pain or did you just tape and paint? Please let me know -- new follower nancy

Just Beachy said...

I didn't remove the doors.

Jamie Reyes said...

Did you paint both sides black? I am thinking of doing this but not sure how it would look from inside perhaps a bedroom on the other side... Thoughts?

Chris Kauffman said...

mostly I did paint both sides but not for my kids rooms as per their request for me not to.