Monday, October 29, 2012

Plugging along with lot's of progress and pretty details

 Last week was truly busy with lots of home projects , I am happy to say I wrapped up the master bath updates as of late Friday night. I finished off the furniture foot detail I had planned for the vanity. What a difference this pretty simple projects makes.
 Before without feet ...

 I also after much searching found some art for the bathroom , this print I found at Winners. It reminded me of our trip to Mexico , stormy beach which we experienced there, believe it or not it conjures up fond memories. This print came with a black frame with a reveal gap around it that I found strange so I simply removed the outer frame. I was happy to find a piece that had the color of my vanitiy in it also , that was a bonus.
 I was asked to explain how I attached the frame to my existing mirror. Well there are lots of tutorials out there but I will explain how I did install this extra wide frame. I decided to use construction adhesive to the mirror to attach the frame. I started with the bottom piece , I placed four long screws just below the mirror to act as support to hold the wood in place while the adhesive dried. I added the tape to hold the wood in place while it dried. After 4 hours the adhesive was set up enough to hold the wood solidly. I added the side pieces and leveled everything . After several more hours I attached the top piece of the frame. I painted everything and trimmed it all before I attached anything as well as the back of the wood, because of the reflection. That was it , pretty simple. I didn't remove the clips and they didn't pose a problem.
 I then moved on to creating furniture detail feet for the vanity.
 Creating these is pretty self explanatory from this photo.

 Wondering what this is? Well it was a pile of boards that I glued and laminated create a wood counter top for my laundry room. I could have just bought a butcher block from Ikea but I thought what if I can make my own? It worked out . I used a belt sander to get an incredibly smooth finish...I then routered a beautiful roman ogee edge. I am going to install a under mount sink and I am planning on routering that cut out too. Exciting !!!! Now that I have learned how to do this the possibilities are endless.

Before the sanding started...
After a lot of sanding...

So now that it's Monday I will work on cutting out the sink hole , finishing the staining and sealing . Then moving onto building a sink cabinet and support for the counter, moving onto tiling the laundry baksplash. We will see how productive this coming week will be , I will keep you posted.



Looking soooooo good, Chris. Can`t wait to see more.


Cynthia said...

Love it! The feet look great on your vanity!


Nancy said...

Looks great! I made a similar mirror frame with Howe casing from Lowes and used wexactly the same method! I think my vanity is going to need some "feet" as well. It really does make a difference! One question...are they nailed or glued to the vanity or are they free standing?

Nancy W.

Ford Interiors said...


Thanks so much for the detailed photos on the vanity feet - I had seen the kitchen photos where you used that idea as well, and it adds such a beautiful custom look - I am going to try this in my own kitchen and bath! I enjoy your blog very much! Your home is beautiful!

Jake said...

Looks great and Wow! is everything coming along so well.

I think i'm going to try something like this on my laundry room cabinets. Try being the operative word.

-caroline- said...

I found you via centsational girl... I'm loving this! We want new countertops for our kitchen and I really don't want to put the money down.

We were thinking ikea butcherblock until I saw this. Can you give more details [wood type, cuts, and glue?]

Do you think this would be sufficient for the abuse a kitchen takes?