Monday, September 19, 2011

Sink study

Yes I said sink study , I know I'm not alone having a dream sink in mind for my kitchen , currently I have the above sink , it is a triple cast iron enameled Kohler sink , which we are going to have re-glazed before we put the house on the market in a couple of weeks , I so wish we had gone ahead and re-glazed it for our own benefit , but someone will be getting a fabulous sink with a fresh finish , ours is an original model , which was featured in the Uncle Buck movie ... funny tid bit , and has now recently been be re- introduced at the price of $1500 approx Canadian dollars , I will miss my little middle sink , it is so handy.
Last night my husband informed me I had spent 2 hours looking at sinks ... he found this excessive , but really is it ? I know plenty of you who stop buy see why each selection takes a great commitment of time .
I have been longing for an apron front sink for many years now , I know what it is to have a white sink , and I am fine with giving it a good scrub and a bleach to get it all spiffed up , but boy are these very popular sinks ever pricey , on average I have found them to be around the $2000.00 mark , but what you get for shopping around can be a great deal , like locally I found this one bowl apron front cast iron sink for $695.00 , you know that's a bargain, of course Ikea has an apron front sink for $350.00.
Since I will have a main floor laundry and the tub you get is a cheap and sad $20-$40 option , again , eww!! but I did come across this wall hung beauty , we just love it .
And this cute little utility sink is super charming but in need of a skirt., these two are of course Kohler , how can I get Kohler to sponsor my build??? gonna have to work on that , come on Home Depot , we can work together right....let's make a deal.
Ok now catch your breath , adorable right , this is the perfect sink for a busy kids bath room , I know a family with 5 kids that I bet could use this ...

I have finally found out where this classic laundry sink comes from Home depot of course...
How long would you invest in fixtures , some are no brainers , but making choices that will last possible decades if not longer takes its share of time.
So I think I have narrowed down the kitchen sink and maybe the laundry sink , now to move on to trim , do I do it all myself or let the builder finish it for me? that is a really tough decision , then flooring , wood floor ?, species? I think I am happy with oak , colour is a tougher decision , and tile I sure hope the tile options are pleasing , I am quite sure I have selected the kitchen cabinets , lovely sprayed soft off white...
Everyone has a special request , a couple of mine , main laundry , 9 ft ceilings, separate glass shower , apron front sink , wood floors ...check
My husband needs a ice making fridge , that is bigger than you can know , and a real office , one of a kind designed house, and room to spread out and a tall tub dishwasher for sure ...check
Mason wants lots of closet space , her own bath and an arm chair ...sounds doable
And Sophie well she wants that marble vanity top and lots of very soft purple, and a dress mannequin , sounds like a plan


Elaine said...

hi Chris, so excited for you on the new house. We have had the Kohler farmhouse sink in the past. Loved it!! In our current home I bought mine on-line from BlueBath. $299. delivered to the door. I'm in BC, it came from eastern US. I love it too, and the price was great. Have fun choosing!

Shirlee said...

Congratulations on the new home! What an exciting time, getting to choose all the interior finishes. I'm sure it can be overwhelming but you have great taste so I know the outcome will be wonderful.
The exterior of the new home looks very different from your current home. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun adding your own special touches.
Best of luck with the sale of your current home. We recently listed our home last month and it's been very slow. However we live in a small rural town in Alberta so that's to be expected.
Love the movie Uncle Buck and that sink too! :)