Monday, September 12, 2011

House for sale , well not quite yet...

I have some rather exciting news to share , a sort of sudden development , it is in the works and not final but we are hoping it will just be a matter of days before it will be so , WE ARE BUYING A NEW HOUSE!!!! and selling this house. We were planning to make a move over the next year and half or two years before we have extra drivers in the house but this house literally fell into our plans, snooze you lose... right!
My husband has been wanting to make a move for many years now , I have not been ready , I have been working constantly for the last 7 years improving our home , adding oodles of character , making it magazine and TV ready , both of those dreams have come true for me, I even finished the guest house I have always dreamt of , the backyard feels like a true oasis , so why would we sell??? you ask or wonder , well sometimes an opportunity just pops up and its worth the move.
Right in our neighbourhood where we have been for 9 years they are still building new , model homes are becoming family homes and as strange as this sounds the parking lot for the models has recently blossomed a house , a house with a separate garage and two side yards which peaked our interest . I inquired about the house which I assumed was a custom build since it is so different than any other house in our subdivision , boy was I shocked to hear it was for sale , I was told to "go take a look" which I did , it had all things on my wish list , 4 bedrooms , walk-in entry closet , main floor mudroom laundry , double car garage , dream sized kitchen , the triple window over the sink is when the deal maker for me , the windows are beautiful and every where , each bedroom has a bath {sophie thought I was pulling her leg when I told her she was going to have her own bathroom} , a separate shower in the master bath , an extra bedroom which will be my husbands office , center hall plan , 9 foot ceilings and best of all it is a blank slate , I will be able to choose all the finishes , which is a dream , my head is spinning with ideas right now .
This is the house how it stands right now , it is perfect to get a sense of space.
This is the view from the front door , to the right is the walk in closet followed by the powder room, then through the last door way is the breakfast area window , we love all the extra large door ways , I will build in a window bench ...I love that the house behind has a great amount of mature trees and plantings which makes for an instant view , its the best of both world's getting new construction in an established area.
The garage will finally allow me to make a proper work shop.
Here is my big kitchen , this wall is the stove wall , I am wanting some open shelving the left is the breakfast area, plenty of room for an island of course.
These are the drawings of how the house will look when finished. This is the front really , its a corner lot so its a unique set up , we love how the yard is between the house and garage.
This is the side view that faces a street and pond and lots of trees.
I will miss this house desperately, it will be like leaving a child behind in some ways but it is time for something new a new adventure , but I hope we can find a buyer that wants everything done and loves all of the unique touches we have added, a home to just move in the furniture and enjoy.
Our new home {pending approval} will be ready in May , so we will put the house on the market in February or March.... for now my head will be spinning with options and lists of things to polish up in this house to get ready for sale...very exciting news huh!!!!
I will be finishing up the custom closet built ins in the master closet that I have recently started, I hope you will follow along over the next 8 months as things progress.
Oh yeah , how do you like my new header ??

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