Sunday, June 24, 2007

Birthday bonanza

Yesterday the weather was perfect ,not too hot, sun was shining, the girls were so excited to get started. The animal lady came over with her brood of creature, from a big bunny to pythons , it was an incredible show , even a few phobias were conquered, the show of animals went on long so it left us a little rushed for time, from my point of view that is better than trying to fiind something to fill the time, oh well.

The girls woke to a front garden full of frogs, and a sign wishing them a happy birthday.

More cupcakes were made and devoured.

Mason even got a real frog a tiny little dwarf frog, I ok'd it ahead with the kind giver , so now we have a new family member Swish, hmmm! her face was priceless , pure shock.

All in all we were wiped out but it was a wonderful day ,we have a year to top that.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What does 200 cupcakes look like?

Wow , I am so relieved that is done .6 hours non stop to the minute, 203 cupcakes , 100 vanilla 103 chocolate, it wasn't possible to pipe the icing like I usually do , good decision , because my shoulder is hurting right now just from icing in the usual way.

I will add tomorrow pictures of Sophie and her graduation.

I am going to bed 12:37 am.

All went well, not one bad cupcake, they were enjoyed and safe for even Sophie , she was so pleased, I was so proud of her, she typically is a very timid girl and to see her so confident up on stage that is quite a sight to see. Oma was able to make it and took time out of her day and brought her charge Nicole with her.
It was a very nice morning.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My sweet girls

Things are busy around our house these days, planning a big birthday bash for the girls 6th and 9th birthdays, Sophie has decided to wear two different dresses for the party , her party number dress which has numbers that switch out for the age and the sweetest chiffon type polka dot dress , it is the prettiest, Mason will probably wear something army of course.
We have a huge party tent which I look forward to decking out in balloons streamers , lanterns , I love to throw a party for my girls. There will be karaoke , exotic aniamls , dancing, food, cake, sparklers, fireworks, lets hope for loads of fun.
Janice my sister in law took Mason to a school fair on friday , she came back with the most fantastic frog face painting, all the other girls had butterflies or kittens , but my girl loves frogs,I am so proud she sticks to her guns, I have always told her to listen to herself and to not be influenced by other to determine what you like, looks like she is taking my advice.
Janice suprised me with some beautiful peonies from her garden how nice , I just love peonies , on my dog walks neighbours will find me groping and smelling their peonies, got to take time to stop and smell the roses right!

Friday, June 15, 2007


I must say I just can't bring myself to even come up with a new post , I am just getting by day by day , I am suffering from the worst allergies , grass is the culprit, I am in a fog, the medications weren't really helping, I tried a new one today so a bit better, but I am barely functioning lately.
Hopefully the end is near and I can find some energy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

10th anniversary and Kimberley Seldon designer market

I must mention the cupcake is wood, and it was $5.00

Todd and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Thursday, I couldn't have pictured life the way it is with two big kids and a dog and house in suburbia with the white picket fence and all "really" , but things are great we are still together going strong, it is worth the work or the fight depending on how you look at it or what day it is I suppose.

Things were very low key as usual , I forgot on the day as usual,we went out to dinner with the kids on Thursday , I got a anniversary ring with 5 diamonds in January for this upcoming milestone , the emphasis on diamond as it is the first from my husbansd , when we were married we couldn't afford the ring I wanted in diamond so we had it made in synthetic, which never bothered nor does now, especially after learning about blood diamonds why a big rock.

The big "to do" was today the long awaited Designer Market by Kimberley Seldon at the Toronto Exibition Place,it was wonderful, the booths were so beautiful so much to choose from , it was suprisingly not busy which is very unlike Toronto and our two girls were very well behaved , everyone ,girls anyway, got something to take home.

Here are a few pictures of what I got to see today a feast for the eyes. Hope you enjoy, hey sis and friends maybe you could make it down next year and we could make a weekend of it.

Oh and I can't forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI , its a big one isn't it???;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I have toyed with the idea to get bunkbeds for Sophie , her room is very small, I think it would help with space,she does not have a sibling that she needs to share her room with , I just think bunkbeds are fun and pretty now too and great for sleep over guests, she is on board, on weekends my two girls always sleep togther just by choice , which I think is adorable.

Here are few good examples for my choosing, it will depend on price abviously.What will we do?So that would mean two matresses and two sets of sheets comforters...oh my do we need a bunk bed?