Thursday, June 21, 2007

What does 200 cupcakes look like?

Wow , I am so relieved that is done .6 hours non stop to the minute, 203 cupcakes , 100 vanilla 103 chocolate, it wasn't possible to pipe the icing like I usually do , good decision , because my shoulder is hurting right now just from icing in the usual way.

I will add tomorrow pictures of Sophie and her graduation.

I am going to bed 12:37 am.

All went well, not one bad cupcake, they were enjoyed and safe for even Sophie , she was so pleased, I was so proud of her, she typically is a very timid girl and to see her so confident up on stage that is quite a sight to see. Oma was able to make it and took time out of her day and brought her charge Nicole with her.
It was a very nice morning.

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