Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Accent lighting with wall lights

We are finding that our home is very dark at night in the kitchen, especially around the sink area...we have four school house style lights over head that can light the room and the stove light, they together don't provide a whole lot of light...I wish we had a few pot lights actually just one above the sink ....but I am not so sure that is even possible with our church conversion home...so I decided to add a bit of lighting that I was going to use in our basement when I finally finish that space...

I installed one wall light above the shelves to the right of the sink and it has made a huge difference...
I will remove the cabinet to the left of the window and add shelves and lighting to the left to mirror what is on the right...evntually...I plan to this spring.

here is the before, we have made a few inexpensive updates so far that have made a big difference visually

when purchasing wall lights make sure you choose a light for your needs, if you need a hardwire version make sure to check if the light it hardwire or plug in, although each version can be easily converted by an electrician. 

Home Depot in store $59  no link available

I am also planning to add a light above the chalkboard at our coffee station....I'm not sure which one to go for though...whatever I do choose will have similar features to the ones I currently have, the same colors of black and brass

Home Depot in store  $39 no link available
this is a strong contender...

I need plug in lights to work in my house as I don't have hard wiring for sconces or wall lamps other than in our hallway here, and I like these lights so they are staying, they are outdoor lights.
 this light is from Home Depot also        

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